An Austrian has a very special role at the European Football Championship

An Austrian has a very special role at the European Football Championship
An Austrian has a very special role at the European Football Championship

Since 1992 on the UEFA Disciplinary Committee, since 2006 the Chairman: Thomas Partl

Thomas Partl is the chairman of the UEFA Disciplinary Committee in Germany, which means he heads the body that makes decisions about banning players and coaches or imposing sanctions on national associations. This is the eighth European Championship for the Carinthian as a member of the Disciplinary Committee; he took over as chairman in 2006.

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Partl and his colleagues are stationed in Düsseldorf during the EURO. The lawyer will be in office for the first ten days and, after a break, the last ten days of the tournament. His judgments are based on the reports of delegates and security officers from the respective matches, and decisions are made promptly. His area of ​​responsibility “includes everything that happens in the stadium and in the immediate vicinity of the stadium,” Partl told APA.

Biased in Austria matches

Regardless of whether it is a red card for a player or coach or misconduct by fans – Partl’s commission determines the consequences. In the second instance, those affected can turn to the UEFA appeal committee, which includes ÖFB General Secretary Thomas Hollerer. After that, the only option is to go to the International Court of Sport History (CAS) in Lausanne.

In connection with Austria matches or parallel games in Group D, Partl declares himself biased and will not participate in the decision-making process. This was already the case in 2021, when Marko Arnautovic was banned for alleged racist gestures against the North Macedonian Ezgjan Alioski. “It was difficult at the time because you didn’t really know what had actually happened,” said Partl. Arnautovic had to sit out a game at the finals three years ago because of Alioski’s statements; the referee had not noted or noted any offense.

“Are very well protected”

Apart from this incident, Partl has often had to deal with tricky situations at European Championships. “There are always decisions that cause a lengthy discussion. But I don’t want to talk about individuals or national associations in public.”

The 77-year-old retired judge only revealed this much: “We are very well protected by UEFA, the national associations do not come to us directly. This allows us to make neutral and objective decisions.” He has not experienced any outside influence during his time in office. “I have never been called by an association president,” Partl stressed.

This is also why the former Carinthian regional association president enjoys his job so much. “For me, as a lawyer on the one hand and as a football enthusiast on the other, it is something wonderful to be able to do this job.”

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