Mühlviertler EM fan club: The men in the red suits are in the mood

Mühlviertler EM fan club: The men in the red suits are in the mood
Mühlviertler EM fan club: The men in the red suits are in the mood

The international match at the Linzer Gugl was a home game for the suits, now they are causing a sensation in the neighboring country.

Austrian fans who come to the stadium wearing lederhosen are easy to identify as such, but they don’t really stand out in the crowd. That’s why Christian Wolfmayr and his friends got themselves bright red suits for the European Football Championship in France eight years ago. The reactions exceeded their expectations: “Back then in Paris, everyone rushed over and wanted to take photos with us. It quickly became clear to us that we would wear this outfit more often,” says Wolfmayr.

The fan club, founded in 2016, has continued to grow, and with it the number of suit wearers: When the Austrian national team plays its opening match of the European Championship against favorite France next Monday, 15 “Red Hot Austrian Fans” will be in the Düsseldorf stadium.

Leiberl as inspiration

They are travelling from the Mühlviertel and the Linz area to the group stage matches – after France, the matches against Poland and the Netherlands are still on the schedule. They are accompanied by dozens of other fans from their circle of friends. The Upper Austrians will then be creating a great atmosphere in the neighbouring and host country Germany for at least ten days.

They don’t just want to attract attention with their striking appearance: “We wrote and sang two songs for the EURO,” says Wolfmayr. The inspiration came from fan shirts that have the slogan “Everything is possible with the neighbors” printed on them.

In the recording studio

In keeping with their image, the “Red Hot Austrian Fans” also approached this project in a highly professional manner: They recorded their two songs in recording studios in Bad Leonfelden and Waxenberg (Urfahr-Umgebung district). They got rhythmic support from the experienced DJ duo 2:tages:bart. And even music videos were shot in the Mühlviertel, which have recently been available on YouTube. The songs are in the can, the ironed suits are ready: the adventure can begin.

Stronger opponents are not a disadvantage

As far as the performance of the ÖFB team is concerned, Wolfmayr is “positive”. “It is not a disadvantage if we have stronger opponents. I am sure that the coach (Ralf Rangnick, ed.) will get the best out of the team,” says Wolfmayr, who once played for SK St. Magdalena himself.

With each other instead of against each other

The red-white-red passion has already taken him and his fellow fans to numerous European locations – some of them “exotic”. The highlight so far was the trip to the international match on the Faroe Islands. Not only because of the family atmosphere in the stadium there, but also because of the hospitality of the locals. This was not an isolated case: “The Swedish fans invited us and we had a great time with them,” says the Mühlviertel native. With the nations, it is “a friendly coexistence, different to the club system”. This is another reason why the anticipation for the big European Championship trip is great.

If it’s up to Christian Wolfmayr, the stay in Germany can be extended. “I’ve also taken the middle of July off, that’s when the final is,” he says and grins. Because, as we all know, anything is possible with our neighbors…

Group phase: ÖFB dates

The European Football Championship begins with a top-class match for Austria: On Monday, June 17th, at 9 p.m., the ÖFB team will face France in Düsseldorf. Then it’s off to Berlin, where the other group stage matches against Poland (Friday, June 21st, at 6 p.m.) and the Netherlands (June 25th, at 6 p.m.) are scheduled.

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