The Communist Party warned Mujica and Topolansky for criticizing Carolina Cosse

The Communist Party warned Mujica and Topolansky for criticizing Carolina Cosse
The Communist Party warned Mujica and Topolansky for criticizing Carolina Cosse

The founding member of the Frente Amplio seeks to prevent the internal party from monopolizing all eyes when an alternative government is proposed.

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He Communist Party of Uruguay (PCU) warned the former president of the Republic, Jose MujicaYet the former vice president Lucía Topolansky due to the reiteration of criticism of the possibilities of the mayor of Montevideo on leave and presidential pre-candidate for the Forehead Wide (FA), Carolina Cosseto obtain an electoral victory at the national level in case of winning the internal one.

The PCU raised its concern to the electoral political command of the FA, and it made it known to Mujica and Topolansky, who doubted on more than one occasion the electoral projection of cosse in the interior of the country, and raised doubts about their real chances against the ruling party in a potential runoff.

He general secretary of the PCU, Juan Castilloacknowledged last Tuesday at a press conference that “measures were taken” in this regard, and positively assessed that in the last 15 days “no statements from internal leaders occurred.”

“We never feel an adverse climate, it is also fair to say. What worries us is that attention turns to the internal FA when we have so much to do or face a government that we are eager to end once and for all,” Castillo continued.

In that sense, the former senator stated that “no one is a fortune teller” because they know that in the FA not all spaces think in the same way and that they have differences, but that they are “under the same flag.” He, in turn, indicated that the PCU hopes that the internal elections will be held in a “fraternal” and “unity” climate.

Cosse does “Montevidian-style” politics, according to Topolansky

Topolansky noted in May that a presidential bid by cosse It does not give her “certainty” to defeat the government alliance, and that the leader has a “Montevidian-style” political style.

“The country does not end in Saint Lucia Riverthe country goes there, to San Javier, to Javier de Viana, to Pirarajá, to Laureles, there is a lot in this territory, it is very diverse,” said Topolansky, who understands that cosse is “quite unknown” in the interior and had a “quite dispassionate” attitude towards the Congress of Mayors by sending a representative to most sessions.

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