Viennese sausage stands to become world cultural heritage

Viennese sausage stands to become world cultural heritage
Viennese sausage stands to become world cultural heritage

“A purulent one, please!” – Sausage stands are part of the cityscape in Vienna.

At least that is the goal of an initiative launched by a group of operators. On Wednesday, Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) and Chamber of Commerce President Walter Ruck also signed a declaration of support. The venue for the event was, as befits its status, a sausage stand.

Association for sausage stand culture

A very prominent snack location was chosen: the business of restaurateur Josef Bitzinger near the opera, which is also a popular meeting point for opera ball guests. Rene Kachlir, who holds the fort at Schwarzenbergplatz, and Patricia Pölzl, who offers classics such as Burenwurst and Käsekrainer in her “eh scho wuascht” near the Central Cemetery, are also part of the team. They have even founded their own association to promote sausage stand culture.

“More than just sales outlets”

The restaurateurs now want to achieve what the Viennese coffee house culture, the Viennese Heurigen culture or the Viennese waltz have already achieved – to obtain status as intangible cultural heritage. “The Viennese sausage stands are inseparably linked to the heart of our city and are more than just sales points for delicious food,” assured Mayor Ludwig: “The sausage stands are part of the identity and history of the city. They are also a social hub and strengthen the community and togetherness in Vienna.”

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According to the town hall, the tradition of sausage stands in the federal capital goes back to the original mobile food stalls and sales stands from the Austro-Hungarian era. They were intended to provide an income for war invalids. The classic sausage stand, on the other hand, is a relatively recent achievement. The city only allowed permanent locations in 1969. The formal application to include the “Viennese sausage stand culture” in the list of intangible cultural heritage in Austria will be submitted in the coming days.

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