a legislator was removed in a wheelchair

a legislator was removed in a wheelchair
a legislator was removed in a wheelchair

An unusual fight took place in the Chamber of Deputies of Italy. The dispute occurred during a session in which a law was being debated, at that time, Igor Iezzilegislator of the Leaguehit on the head Leonardo Donnoof the 5 Star Movement (M5S) and a pitched battle broke out.

According to M5S, League deputies jumped on Donno, who had to be removed from the Chamber in a wheelchair after falling to the ground and being kicked and punched.

Why the fight started in the Italian Chamber of Deputies

As reported by international media, the attack occurred when Donno tried to deliver an Italian flag to the Minister of Regional and Autonomous Affairs, Roberto Calderoliexpressing their disagreement with the law.

From the 5 Star Movement they issued a statement after the fight and maintained: “The attack that occurred in the Chamber against Leonardo Donno is a fact very serious and shameful. Our deputy just wanted to deliver a flag Italian to Minister Calderoli, when he was attacked by majority parliamentarians, including League member Iezzi, getting punched and ending up on the ground“.

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Giuseppe Conte, M5S leader and former Italian Prime Minister also referred to the attack. “They attacked our Leonardo Donno because he brought the tricolor to Minister Calderoli, because we say no to the secession of Italy signed by MeloniSalvini and Tajani,” he expressed on the social network X.

For his part, Iezzi defended himself against the accusations and stated that “tried to punch him“, but it did not arrive. “Donno tried to attack Calderoli and I I reacted“,

Taiwan lawmaker stole bill, sparking violent fight in parliament

Another similar situation occurred in Taiwan, when the House reforms were being debated. There, legislators pushed and hit each other.

The session had already begun with tension as before the votes began to be cast, legislators shoved and shouted outside Parliament. Everything got worse after a legislator from the ruling party, the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP)HE he would steal the bill and run away of the enclosure.

In the scenes that went viral on social networks, you can see the legislators getting into the fight, jumping over tables and pushing his colleagues.

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