Astesiano could denounce Fossati and the former Director of Intelligence for the messages with Lacalle Pou

Astesiano could denounce Fossati and the former Director of Intelligence for the messages with Lacalle Pou
Astesiano could denounce Fossati and the former Director of Intelligence for the messages with Lacalle Pou

The president’s former securityAlejandro Astesiano, He is evaluating the possibility of criminally denouncing the former prosecutor in his case, Gabriela Fossati, and the former Director of Intelligence, Claudio Correa, due to the handling that occurred in relation to the messages that the former custodian had sent and Luis Lacalle Pou.

The complaint against the former prosecutor would be for private violence and it corresponds to the fact that the lawyer had applied extortion against Astesiano by threatening him with publishing his messages that could compromise his family situation, according to his relatives in dialogue with Informativo Sarandí. This was also assured by her former lawyer, Marcos Prieto.

Meanwhile, the complaint against Correa corresponds to the fact that the former security officer claims that the then Director of Intelligence would have deleted the messages he had with the president. Luis Lacalle Pou before being detained at the presidential residence of Suarez y Reyes, just after returning from a trip to Costa Rica with the president and his family.

The night of the arrest

The former Director of Intelligence was the one who carried out Astesiano’s arrest on September 25, 2022 along with another uniformed officer. However, before proceeding, Correa, Lacalle Pou and Astesiano met for half an hour in a room.

According to the former custodian’s relatives, it was there where Correa proceeded to delete the messages between the president and Astesiano in front of the president. This would reveal the doubt and confirm the only theory that journalist Lucas Silva had highlighted in his book.

“Only one of the hypotheses that he handled Scientific police It would seem to remain standing: someone deleted the conversations with Lacalle Pou that were on Astesiano’s cell phone. So far, the prosecutor’s investigation has not been able to identify who did it and when it happened,” the publication states.

Astesiano had said several times in statements that it was Correa who deleted the messages. However, since Prosecutor’s Office They assured that it is not possible to determine who deleted the messages or when. Meanwhile, prosecutor Sabrina Corra, Fossati’s predecessor, stated in the file that the coordination between the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police “was not ideal.”

And Lacalle Pou’s cell phone?

Last week Astesian released a document from October 3, 2022, where Fossati asks to send his cell phone again to Scientific police.

According to the file, the request was “for the purpose of using all the tools at your disposal, as well as those that must be hired for this specific case, to recover all the messages, audios and videos deleted from your cell phone with this investigation”.

However, in the text it clarifies that it considers as an exception “the messages, audios and videos that may have been exchanged with Mr. Republic President (who are not allowed access).”

“In the event that, for any eventuality (characteristics of the device, permissions that require a contract to use certain tools, etc.) it is not possible to access, indicate what steps should be followed to achieve this, which public or private institutions, national or “International organizations could be consulted to be able to lift the obstacle,” the then prosecutor added in the request.

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