Delgado, Orsi and Cosse consider the campaign over and are already concentrating on the presidential formula

Delgado, Orsi and Cosse consider the campaign over and are already concentrating on the presidential formula
Delgado, Orsi and Cosse consider the campaign over and are already concentrating on the presidential formula

With the last days of the internal electoral campaign still missing – which began early in the summer season – the main presidential candidates are no longer concentrating their efforts on votes within each force, but on establishing the parameters of what the first move will be like. key passed the primary. This is the realization of the presidential formula who will compete in October.

In it Broad Front (FA)where the electoral scenario has remained unchanged since the beginning of the voting intention measurements, the signal is also clear from the beginning of the internal competition: the candidate for vice president will be announced the same night of Sunday the 30th.

As corresponds to the final section, the two main candidates, Yamandu Orsi and Carolina Cosse, have tried in recent hours to dominate the rhetoric about this process which, however, had been informally agreed upon in February. Then both said that they would have no problems completing their rival’s pairing.

At a time when the disagreements in the Frente Amplio arise over the suitability of each candidate to be the presidential candidate, Fernando Pereira He reminded the contenders that everyone accepted that the winner of the internal elections will run as president and the second as vice president.

The FA primary presents the peculiarity that the die is not yet cast because, several analysts pointed out, despite the polls that show a clear predominance of Orsi, the non-compulsory vote could affect him in the face of the organized militancy of the sectors that support Cosse .

Laura Raffo Alvaro Delgado National Party Uruguay

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On the opposite sidewalk, the National Party (PN) does not have that uncertainty since the difference in Alvaro Delgado It is loose, but that same breadth has made the definition of the formula more cumbersome.

An even result internally placed Laura Raffo in the formula. The gap between the two main contenders was widening and Delgado – with little enthusiasm for sharing a binomial with the economist – quickly began to analyze other names.

In these months several options emerged, but the one that remained most strongly was one: Azucena Arbelechethe Minister of Economy and Finance who has achieved record indicators such as private direct investment and credit rating and has recovered indicators such as employment and real salary, as anticipated Ambit in a barbecue talk in February.

She, however, resists the invitation. For this reason, Delgado measured the success of other formulas: one with the former Minister of Health Daniel Salinaswell regarded for its handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, and Raffo herself, according to Search.

Sectors of the National Party’s small table promote, however, following the Broad Front model and announcing on the same night of the 30th that the second in votes, that is, Raffo, will be the vice candidate. Although almost four months separate that night from the general elections of October 27, it seems that time is of the essence in the race to occupy the Presidency.

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