“Encouraging investment” by HAI in Ranshofen

“Encouraging investment” by HAI in Ranshofen
“Encouraging investment” by HAI in Ranshofen

HAI boss Rob van Gils at the opening in Ranshofen

50,000 tons of excavation, 6,000 cubic meters of concrete, 10,000 square meters of asphalt: the construction was immense, and yet it was completed within a year. HAI invested in a large logistics hall and a highly automated extrusion line including processing equipment in Ranshofen. A major investment in times like these is not something to be taken for granted – this was emphasized by HAI boss Rob van Gils and Governor Thomas Stelzer at the opening. Van Gils thanked all employees, construction companies and partners for this “tour de force” and emphasized the importance of this project. It strengthens the Ranshofen location, even if the current challenges for industrial companies in Austria are enormous.

But Van Gils was not sparing with criticism either: “Inflation, energy costs, wage increases, all of this leaves its mark. We have lost competitiveness. Our most expensive location today is Ranshofen,” he stressed. HAI is investing heavily in sustainability in all departments, but the political requirements to achieve climate targets, among other things, are putting the industry under enormous pressure. Renouncing climate targets is not a solution, said Governor Stelzer in his opening speech in Ranshofen, but called for the paths to achieving them to be made clearer. HAI’s investment in this challenging environment is all the more significant. The Governor called it an “investment of courage” and thanked the company for it.

HAI COO Markus Schober took the opportunity to speak about sustainability and technology in the HAI Group before the new extrusion line was inspected and the new hall was blessed by pastoral director Irene Huss.

The investment must be celebrated, emphasised Rob van Gils at the opening, because even in challenging times one should never lose the fun in the work and the cause.

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“Encouraging investment” by HAI in Ranshofen

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