20 million euros invested in Kaiser-Josef-Platz

20 million euros invested in Kaiser-Josef-Platz
20 million euros invested in Kaiser-Josef-Platz

Patrick Klostermann, CEO Alexander Seiler, Branch Manager Thomas Gruber, Gerhard Reichl

On Thursday evening, the VKB celebrated the completion of its 20 million Euro “Mercurius Park” project between Kaiser-Josef-Platz and Rablstraße with around 170 guests. The project is a good example of densification in the city center. In three years of construction, the existing bank building was completely renovated and three additional buildings were built according to plans by the Wels-based architectural firm Harmach. Rental apartments for 52 families and four student apartments have been created, all of which have already been rented out. In between there are small green spaces and a playground. The only thing left free is an office space of around 300 m² with a view of the KJ.

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Previously, there was an asphalt parking area of ​​around 3800 m² behind the bank building. “It was unacceptable to waste such an excellent area in the middle of the city. The board decided on the project in April 2019,” says VKB CEO Alexander Seiler. He emphasizes that the company is committed to revitalizing city and town centers. Construction finally began in February 2021. The residential and office space was implemented on a total of 5500 m², the roof areas were partially greened, and PV systems and a water-water heat pump were installed.

Roman finds discovered

The project is named after the Roman god of trade, Mercury, because the excavations for the underground car park uncovered numerous Roman finds and a terracotta statuette of the Roman god, which unfortunately is missing its head. It dates from the second century AD and was donated to the Wels City Museum along with other finds such as vessels and plates. Mercury is holding a purse in his right hand – what could be more perfect for a bank? “Back then, every single excavator shovel was examined,” says VKB sales director Gerhard Reichl. Some of the archaeological finds will also be exhibited in the bank.

The bank’s timeless interior design will also be implemented in other branches. There are discreet consultation zones, a spacious self-service area and a 24-hour safe in a small extra room that is also accessible from the underground car park around the clock.

The bank is managed by branch manager Thomas Gruber and employs a total of 35 people.

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