Russia threatens the European Union over the loan to Ukraine

Russia threatens the European Union over the loan to Ukraine
Russia threatens the European Union over the loan to Ukraine

The government considers the agreement to be financed with Russian assets “criminal and cynical.” He assures that he will take economic sanctions if economic aid to kyiv is granted.

Russia threatened the European Union (EU) with “extremely painful” measures after the agreement reached by the G7 for the granting of a “large” loan to Ukraine that will be financed with the interests generated by the assets of the Russian Central Bank that are frozen in European territory.

The Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs of the Russian government, María Zajárova, He assured that “there are enough European properties and assets in Russia, and the inevitable Russian retaliation will be extremely painful for Brussels.” Furthermore, he maintained that “allocating practically stolen funds from Russia for the military adventure of the kyiv regime and its sponsors It’s criminal and cynical.”

In this sense, the Kremlin warned the group of most industrialized countries, which make up the G7, that if the sending of said economic aid is carried out “it will not bring anything good to the West.”

“Illegal initiatives related to the supply of money to kyiv at the expense of others are doomed to provoke a definitive imbalance in the financial system and destructive crises“, warned the spokesperson while specifying that “the greatest risk will fall on the EU, which will face, for example, a capital flight, since investors’ funds will be withdrawn from the countries of the world majority.” .

The G7 seeks an agreement to grant a loan to Ukraine

At the celebration of a new G7 summit, the leaders of the countries will seek grant Ukraine a loan which will be financed mainly from the 260 billion euros of Russian central bank funds that have been frozen since the start of the Russian invasion in February 2022.

It is estimated that the sum would be between 46,000 and 50,000 million euros and it is expected that the funds reach the hands of the Ukrainian government “before the end of the year.

According to sources who spoke with the press, the negotiators of the G7 countries, known as ‘sherpas’, have already reached a “provisional” agreement, which must still receive formal approval from each of the leadersalthough none are expected to block it.

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