Pope Francis arrived at the G7 and will speak about the challenges of AI

Pope Francis arrived at the G7 and will speak about the challenges of AI
Pope Francis arrived at the G7 and will speak about the challenges of AI

He Pope Francisco arrived in Italy at midday on a helicopter from the Vatican to speak at the G7 summit. The highest representative of the Catholic Church was invited to give a talk where he will speak to world leaders his vision on the ethical challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Thus, the Argentine will become the first head of the Catholic Church to be part of the summit of the most developed countries in the world. Furthermore, it is expected that the Supreme Pontiff have ten bilateral meetings. Francisco will talk, among others, with the rulers of United States, Brazil, India, Ukraine and Türkiye.

The Church and the challenges of AI

During your participation, Francis will have the task of communicating the vision of the Church before the advance of the Artificial intelligence and the ethics of algorithms who are behind this tool. Throughout 2024, the Argentine stressed that AI is one of the great concerns of the Vatican and considered that it is a “serious problem“that artificial intelligence be used to disinformation campaigns.

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For Francis, AI is one of the great challenges to be faced by the Catholic Church.

Vatican News

With the advancement of AI, the Church called on experts – such as Demis Hassabisdirector of Google Deepmindpioneer company in the sector – in the matter for study the impact what this technological development can have. Since 2020, the Vatican promotes the so-called Rome Call for AI Ethicsa manifesto that was signed by leading companies such as IBM and Microsoftas well as for the UNhe government of italy and several universities.

This document requires the transparency of this technology and the respect for people’s privacy. For Francisco, it is necessary to regulate its use against “serious risks“such as disinformation campaigns or interference in electoral processes.

It is not the first time that Francisco addresses the issue of technological development, the ethics behind these advances and the need for regulation of these tools. Already in 2023, the Pope dedicated his message of the World Day of Peace to this issue and called on the international community to adopt a regulation in line with the legislation – pioneering – approved by the European Union.

So, it is It will be the first time that a leader of the Catholic Church participates in the G7 summit. The cardinal Pietro ParolinSecretary of State of the Vatican, declared that the Argentine is willing to use “all media and spaces“available to defend peace.

G7: what other topics will be discussed this year

The summit – chaired by the Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloniwhich this year assumes the rotating presidency of the G7 – began with a debate on Africa, climate change and development. The conversation then touched on topics related to Middle East tensions before two sessions dedicated to Ukraine: the first included the participation of the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Regarding the military conflict between Ukraine and Russia, during the first day, the leaders of the world’s main economies announced a “provisional” agreement for grant to Ukraine a loan that will be financed with the interest generated by the assets of the russian central bank that are found frozen in the European Union (EU). It is expected that the loan would be about 46,000 million euros.

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Upon arrival, Francis greeted the president of Ukraine.

Upon arrival, Francis greeted the president of Ukraine.


On the second day of its annual summit, the G7 will discuss trade tensions with China and how to protect industries in rich countries in order to avoid a trade war open with the Asian giant. The main economies of the Western world – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States –

In addition, the participation of the European Union like an everything”. In this sense, the search for a common response to China’s alleged support for the Russian military expansion which, according to Washington, is fueling the war in Ukraine.

Trade tensions with China are an issue that worries the main leaders of the G7. This week, the EU announced plans to impose new tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles.

On the other hand, since Beijing denounced this legislation as a “blatant protectionist behavior“and does not rule out filing a lawsuit before the World Trade Organization (WTO). China is in full swing in the development of the electric automotive industry and is accused of subsidizing with public money products such as solar panels and electric vehicles themselves that are sold much cheaper, which is considered unfair competition.

The summit will discuss the war between Hamas and Israel in Gaza and possible alternatives to end the war. Last week, G7 leaders approved an agreement proposal of peace which provides for a immediate ceasefireas well as establishes the release of all hostages kidnapped by Hamas on October 7a increased aid to Palestinians and the search for a solution based on coexistence of two states.

The G7 will also address discussions on tensions in the Asia-Pacific region. Meloni also invited other leaders to participate in the summit, including Javier Milei and Lula Da Silva, president of Brazil.

The meeting between Pope Francis and Zelensky

The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyindicated on Friday that he met with the Pope Francisco on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Italy and who spoke with him about the peace conference in Ukraineto be held this weekend in Swiss.

The top Ukrainian leader assured that they spoke “on the consequences of Russian aggression against Ukraine, Russian air terrorism and the difficult situation in the energy sector“In addition, Zelensky stated that they discussed “the expectations” that each person has of what will happen at the world peace summit, which will take place on June 15 and 16 in the city of Burgenstock.

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