Quincho talks in Uruguay

Quincho talks in Uruguay
Quincho talks in Uruguay

The campaign towards inmates is now entering its final phase. And what in many areas were good manners now give way to sharper statements and more pointed statements. Inside the Wide Front Carolina Cosse decided to cross a sensitive border: he entered the field of polls, which compare (among other things) which candidate is the best in October, to contest the election against the ruling coalition.

Refuting a majority view that points to Yamandu Orsi as the candidate with the most possibilities (something supported by the polls), Cosse recalled neither more nor less than Pepe Mujica in 2009, when many – it is true – said that he was a less reliable candidate than Danilo Astori as a guarantor of victory. Internally, “Pepe” defeated Astori and then won the Presidency of the Republic, in the second round, but by a wide margin.

“The truth is that the comparison is quite whimsical. I think Cosse wanted to refute Mujica against his own argument, because he had said – precisely – that Cosse had less reach, especially in the interior, “reflected a political scientist, an academic who follows the campaign with interest. “It may be a shock, but the truth is that Cosse has very little to do with Mujica… she is less popular and has a very different profile. In reality, the comparison that she is worth is with Orsi and there she can highlight her professional profile and her experience in managing it, although Orsi also has it,” she added, while she was browsing the press on her tablet. her, before starting for college.

And if in the internal Frente Amplista the tone is already beginning to change, in the Colorado Party, that happened a while ago. ”Our electoral base is not very large, but once the candidate is elected, we compete with the whites. If ours really has a good profile, that is attractive to the general population, don’t rule out the Colorados,” said a militant follower of Gabriel Gurmendez, at an event in which the candidate’s program was presented. “Seem to you? The journalist asked him, quite incredulous. “I admit that it is difficult, but we have to see Delgado’s performance in the campaign, he is surely going to be the white candidate. Did you see that he has already lost his voice?” The militant responded. “Besides, he who runs with the commissioner’s horse doesn’t always win… quite the opposite,” he insisted. “I think we Colorados have a chance,” he said optimistically, in her ear, while he applauded the speeches at the event.

Next, the journalist threw one at him with effect. “And… he who wins, wins?” Trying to speak covertly, but with a somewhat louder voice due to the shouting of the public, the militant responded. “We are all convinced that this is the best and most legitimate formula. But remember that the presidential formula is chosen by the National Convention partisan, which arises from one’s own internal election. The risk we have is that the candidate who wins has a relatively low percentage of the total, and the vote is very distributed,” he explained. We will have to wait until June 30.


Beyond the tension of the electoral campaign and the positive vibes that political mobilizations always generate, there is something that began to worry and not only at the government level. The economy The year started with growth, but the fiscal deficit It is at 4.2% of GDP, in the annual data as of April. “If that is not corrected, the next Government is going to have to make a fiscal adjustment or something similar, although they probably don’t want to announce it like that,” said a financial operator, laughing, in conversation with an economist friend in the Old City.

His friend followed along: “Will people begin to speak with half-tragicomic euphemisms? Something like ‘gradual rationalization’, or ‘expenditure reformulation’, or ‘sustainable containment’. ha ha!”. “I liked that one,” the other interrupted, while ordering a cappuccino. “I don’t know if we will have to do a adjustment, but what is certain is that there is no room for significant increases in spending; I hope that anyone who arrives understands it,” while he chose sweetener instead of sugar.


The dialogue arose within the framework of a trip by Uruguayan journalists invited by JetSmart and Villa Labrador, for a stay in Bariloche; The company recently inaugurated the Buenos Aires-Montevideo air bridge.

Among the guests there was no shortage of exchanges about possible leaders for the future administration, in the tourism portfolio. “If the ruling party is maintained, there is a sung figure that is himself. Remo Monzeglio. He has been a true sector leader, being in the articulation of tourism policies, beyond the ministers,” commented one of the businessmen from the sector who accompanied the delegation.

“In the case of the left there are several figures with a trajectory, such as the tandem Kechichián Liberoff. Also mentioned is Antonio Carambula. “They were all in the Ministry during the frontist administrations,” he recalled. “Cárámbula also worked in Uruguay XXI and today is a business consultant; a very good profile if you want to boost the sector, which is key to the economy,” said a travel agent, who was leafing through Argentine tourist brochures.

A woman from Córdoba who was part of the group asked if the Orsi sector has any preferences. “We should not rule out Horacio Yanes, who has worked with Orsi in the Tourism Directorate of the Canarian Municipality,” responded another member, familiar with the intern, while asking about the nearest ski slopes. “In any case, you should not sell the bear’s skin before hunting it; during the campaign there may be skids,” a journalist commented to the laughter of the attendees.

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