How is Mujica’s cancer treatment progressing?

How is Mujica’s cancer treatment progressing?
How is Mujica’s cancer treatment progressing?

The former president continues with radiotherapy sessions and then must undergo a new study to evaluate his health.

The ex-president Jose Mujica continues with his treatment against esophagus cancer that he was diagnosed on April 29 and provided details about his current state of health, after which he acknowledged: “I am miraculously alive.”

When giving details about his process, Mujica specified that he has four sessions of radiotherapy and, once finished, you will have to wait a month. At that time, a endoscopy that allows her to know “the state of the situation,” according to the former vice president. Lucia Topolansky, wife of the former president.

“I feel a little better,” said the reference of the Popular Participation Movement (MPP), when giving an interview to Subrayado from his farm, where he admitted: “I would have to be a fervent believer, I am miraculously alive.”

On a day-to-day basis, he recognized some changes. “I have to get tired to be able to sleep a little because, if not, I have difficulties. I am a peasant at heart, so I entertain myself and I am better,” said the former president, who closed: “I have to thank life and shout to the boys, to the young people, do not let yourself be reduced by the difficulties.”

Topolansky’s curious comparison about Mujica

In dialogue with the same media, Topolansky reiterated that Mujica “He is finishing the treatment and is very tired,” after which he launched a curious comparison. “It’s like having a tied dick”, expressed when referring to the impossibility of being on top of the campaign of the Wide Front in the preview of the internal elections.

When referring to radiotherapy, he confessed that he calls it “punching ball”, Assuring that “it’s like a daily beating” and stressed that “the mood is fine”, but gave an example of exhaustion: “He wanted to accompany me, I was there on October 8, but he was so tired that he couldn’t stand on his legs.”

Regarding his treatment, he highlighted that once it is finished, he will undergo an endoscopy a month later “to see the status of the situation” and clarified: “There the doctors will see how the process continues because there are other things to do.”

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