The PIT-CNT seeks to resubmit the signatures rejected by the Electoral Court

The PIT-CNT seeks to resubmit the signatures rejected by the Electoral Court
The PIT-CNT seeks to resubmit the signatures rejected by the Electoral Court

He PIT-CNT continues analyzing possible paths to take given the high number of signatures rejected by the plebiscite against the reform of the social Security that they seek to carry out in conjunction with the October general elections in Uruguay. To do this, the president of the workers’ union, Marcelo Abdalamet with the head of the Electoral Court, Wilfredo Penco.

After the Electoral Court agreed to deliver the around 60,000 rejected signatures—most of them because the signature did not match the signature on the ID card or due to incomplete information on the ballot—the PIT-CNT evaluates what steps to follow to calmly guarantee the completion of the plebiscite, which requires achieving 10% of the electoral roll in the form of adhesions to the initiative.

Although the appeal was already one of the actions contemplated, the possibility of presenting the signatures again is raised. “The idea was to have that database so that if someone saw themselves in that database and wanted to highlight his signature, they could do so,” the secretary general of the Association of Social Security Workers (ATSS), Nathalie Barbé.

In this sense, on Monday, the pro-plebiscite command will meet to evaluate what they will do with the 30,000 signatures. “What we want is to defend the will of those citizens who signed,” said the union member.

The Minister of the Electoral Court, Joseph Korzeniak, He said that the promoters of the plebiscite are within their rights to present resources to obtain the validation of the signatures. When asked about the possibility of signing again, Korzeniak indicated that “it is part of an appeal” that the Electoral Court must resolve if it arises.

“You can present all appeals whatever you want,” he indicated, while it is “a normal procedure” and a right for those who adhere to the constitutional reform.

In any case, Barbé recalled that the promoters of the plebiscite delivered more than 59% of the minimum required signatures: there were 430,023 adhesions, when the floor is 276,151. To date, 200,266 have been accepted, 72.5% of those required. “In the coming weeks, surely, we will be able to announce the start of the plebiscite campaign towards October,” he stated.

Unemployment on June 27

On the other hand, the PIT-CNT confirmed that it will carry out a partial unemployment next Thursday the 27th, in tribute to the general strike of 1973, carried out by the workers against the dictatorship, which will include a mobilization in the metropolitan area.

Among the demands of the labor union appears, in addition to labor-related complaints, the “rejection of illegal investigations against militants of the labor movement,” in reference to the scandal derived from the Astesian case for the alleged espionage of the president of the PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdala.

The unions assured that the strike will be “in tribute to the General Strike against the dictatorship”, but also to demand “for work and solutions to workers in conflict.”

In a statement, they also demonstrated “against the closure of companies, the precariousness of work and the loss of rights”, as well as “in defense of public freedoms and individual guarantees”.

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