options to eat delicious and cheap in Buenos Aires

options to eat delicious and cheap in Buenos Aires
options to eat delicious and cheap in Buenos Aires


From Tuesday to Friday, from 12:30 to 4 p.m., the Parque Chacabuco Mondongo & Coliflor canteen invites you to enjoy a lunch menu that includes a drink, a glass of soup, a panera with bean dip, a main course and a pudding. Dessert bread at $7900, without paying table service. Some of the options to taste in this lunch proposal are: lentil stew, creamy rice with chicken, supreme with fries, matambrito al verdeo, hake filet and potato cake in a gratin clay pot. Every morning, they communicate on their social networks what will be the dish that will star in this gastronomic experience that stands out for being abundant, homemade and pocket-friendly.

Tripe & Cauliflower – Stew 2.jpg

Address: Del Barco Centenera 1698, Parque Chacabuco.


From Monday to Friday, from 12 to 4 p.m., Ostend, the vintage space inspired by coastal still lifes, offers a daily menu for $9,500 with regular and vegetarian alternatives. This option includes homemade preparations that are organized the previous weekend according to the weather and the location of the place. Generally, there are pork or fish milanesas, steaks, homemade pastas, pizzas or hamburgers (exclusive dish on Fridays) with different accompaniments and sauces, while supplies last. As for the drink, you can choose water or lemonade. Every day they communicate the menu on their social networks.

Ostend 3.jpg

Address: Virrey Loreto 3303, Colegiales.


SushiClub, the premium offering of Asian-leaning cuisine and fusion sushi, offers an exclusive lunch menu to enjoy the flavors that distinguish it. The regular Lunch Time Menu, for $21,600, includes a pair of spring rolls as a starter, a twelve-piece combination (to be assembled as you like) or a wok of rice and vegetables as a main dish and a drink, which can be water or soda, beer or glass of wine. In its veggie version, for $16,200, two vegan spring rolls are offered as a starter, a twelve-piece combination (to be assembled as you like) or rice and vegetable wok and a drink (water or soda, beer or glass of wine). It is also possible to access bank promotions according to the day and two- and three-step menus to share.

SushiClub – 4.jpg

Address: Alicia Moreau de Justo 286, Puerto Madero. Other branches in CABA, GBA and the interior of the country.


In the heart of the vibrant Caballito neighborhood is Macha, the restaurant that invites you to try classic dishes with innovative renovations prepared with organic seasonal products and cooking in an ember oven, a hybrid between traditional grill and advanced technology to give food a unique and natural flavor. From Monday to Friday from 12 to 4 p.m., this place offers its executive menu proposal, with dishes that vary daily to suit all tastes. Among the options are lentil stew, maccheroni with pomodoro sauce and warm salad with mixed greens, sweet potato, crispy onion, sbrinz cheese and walnuts; the chicken milanese with triple-cooked fries, homemade gnocchi with bolognese sauce and salad of grilled pears, roquefort, red onion, walnuts and vinegar; or grilled pork with sweet potato puree, vegetable ravioli with pomodoro sauce and a salad of mixed greens, roasted pears, caramelized walnuts and brie cheese. Their menus are priced at $11,900 and they offer a 10% discount to those who pay cash.

Address: Avenida Pedro Goyena 899, Caballito


Pizza Cero is located on an emblematic corner of the Recoleta neighborhood (Libertador and Tagle), and has 40 years of history offering more than thirty varieties of large and individual stone-fired pizzas that come out thin and crispy. There are also hearty empanadas and other options with meat, fish, pasta or salads. During lunchtime from Monday to Friday, this spacious and elegant restaurant offers three dishes that are specially prepared as a suggestion of the day for $8000 each. The options vary every day and you can find, for example, potato pie, fish Milanese with pumpkin puree or chicken risotto. Drinks are separate and they have water, soft drinks, beers, classic and signature cocktails or selected glasses of wine.

Pizza Zero (1).jpg

Address: Libertador 1800, Recoleta.


Almacén 1249 is a small store where you can buy gourmet products such as cheeses, sausages, wines, spirits, sweets and more. Their cheese and cold cuts offering is very wide, with a great variety for all tastes. Here they also sell sandwiches and takeaway preparations, and from Monday to Friday they offer daily specials at a very convenient price. Among the options, and depending on the day, you can purchase (for $7000) a bondiola with pumpkin and sweet potato puree; a meat Milanese with Spanish potatoes; or potato pie. They also have lentil stew ($6,500) or Neapolitan chicken supreme with mashed potatoes ($7,000).

warehouse 1240 Local .jpg

Addresses: Esmeralda 1249, Arenales 1913, Libertad 1626 and Arenales 1250, Recoleta


Located in Belgrano, the Tallarica pastry shop invites you to live a gastronomic experience where sweet and savory preparations full of techniques and flavors coexist in an illuminated room, ideal for enjoying the different moments of the day. From Monday to Friday, the culinary proposal by chef pâtissier Daniela Tallarico offers two executive menu alternatives that include a dish, water and coffee of your choice (espresso, Americano, Flat White, among others). Among the main options you can choose: Fresh salad (with spinach, orange, strawberries, buffalo cheese, fennel, pumpkin seeds and chestnut and walnut praline), New Cesar (kale, parmesan cheese, chickpeas, avocado and bacon) or Limoneta (mix of greens, apple, avocado, raw ham, buffalo cheese, lemonade, cabbage and chestnut and pumpkin seed praline) for $12,000; or Roast Beef sandwich (with blue cheese, onion, arugula and gouda cheese on baguette bread), Ratatoille (with eggplant, zucchini, fennel, ricotta, tomato and basil on ciabatta bread), Portobello (with gouda, mozzarella and onion on brioche bread ) or raw and stracciatella (with tomato, basil and pesto on ciabatta bread, vegetarian option also available) at $14,000.

Tallarica – Salad 2.jpg

Address: Av. del Libertador 6025, Belgrano.


Desarmadero Bar and Desarmadero Session are two Palermo bars recognized for their selection of craft beers, ideal to accompany the varied and complete gastronomic proposal with a homemade imprint. From Monday to Friday from 12 to 4 p.m., they offer an executive menu with a main dish, drink, dessert or coffee of your choice for $10,400. As a main dish, they offer options such as mac & cheese, lentil stew, matambre pizza with potatoes or Caesar salad with chicken or avocado. In addition, those who choose this menu can accompany their main course with a soda, glass of wine or draft beer, and complement the proposal with dessert or coffee. They offer a 10% discount for cash payment.

Scrapyard – Goulash.jpg

Addresses: Gorriti 4300 and Gorriti 4295, Palermo.


For lunch in the middle of a green lung, the suggestion is to visit Bruce Grill Station, with locations in Parque Leloir and Bella Vista. Its wide and varied North American-inspired menu focuses on roasted meats with red quebracho wood and smashed burgers. For noon, they surprise with a very complete executive menu with starter, main with a different dish for each day of the week and dessert of your choice at $8,500 per person: bring an starter (bruschetta or mozzarella stick); a main (on Mondays they have mini steak or crispy chicken with mixed salad; on Tuesdays, there is chicken breast with sweet potatoes or spaghetti bolognese; on Wednesdays they offer mustard bondiola with rustic puree or burgers with potatoes; on Thursdays they offer sautéed rice with chicken and vegetables or bondiola sandwich with baked potatoes; and on Fridays they close with BBQ bondiola with fries or Milanese with mashed potatoes); For the sweet closing there is a glass of ice cream, waffle with dulce de leche or brownie with a scoop of ice cream, and for drinks they offer lemonade or water with or without gas. A great banquet to enjoy exclusively Monday to Friday, in its spaces inspired by the Far West.

Bruce_grilled meats (1).jpg

Address: Martín Fierro 3246, Parque Leloir y Mayor Irusta 2921, Bella Vista.


With inherited recipes, Ninina is the deli&café that offers preparations for any time of the day. Their menu also offers a special lunch menu for $19,000. It consists of a main dish of your choice (salad, sandwich, hamburger or hot dish), sparkling or still water and a coffee. Available to enjoy at any of its branches, these combos are made up of artisanal preparations made with high-quality and organic ingredients, accompanied by specialty coffee roasted at home. In addition, its proposal is completed with artisanal pastries that include whole or portioned cakes made from organic flour and sugar.

NInina burger.jpg

Addresses: Holmberg 2464, Villa Urquiza / Gorriti 4738, Palermo and Malba Museum, Barrio Norte.

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