Uncertainty remains regarding the closure of the Minas plant

Uncertainty remains regarding the closure of the Minas plant
Uncertainty remains regarding the closure of the Minas plant

The president of the beverage union, Fernando Ferreira, maintained that there are still no definitions from the company and that the negotiation tables are at a standstill.

Two weeks before the closure of the plant takes place Mines of National Beer Factory (FNC)negotiations between workers, the company and the government are going through a moment of stagnation that generates uncertainty in the sector, both in industrial terms and in labor terms.

“We say that the situation is somewhat stagnant,” he said. Fernando Ferreira, president of the Federation of Beverage Workers and Employees (FOEB)in dialogue with Radio Carve.

After the announcement of the closure by FNC and the lifting of forceful measures by the union, two negotiation tables had been opened: an industrial one, where the government and the company look for alternatives to the problem of costs and the competitiveness that denounces Fábricas Nacionales as the reason behind the decision regarding the Minas plant; and a labor one in which work is being done on an eventual reopening – or setback in the business definition – of the stoppage of activities in Lavalleja.

According to Ferreira, “there is still no announcement by FNC to lift the closure of the Minas plant,” and the Minister of Labor and Social Security (MTSS), Mario Arizti, He told them that “he had not been able to move the closing date to see how the negotiation continued,” prior to his trip to the 112th Conference of the International Labor Organization (ILO). The definitive closure is scheduled for July 1 and, in the meantime, the workers are in unemployment insurance.

Uncertainty and indefinitions

“There is still some uncertainty about knowing what the future of the plant is,” said the union member, and insisted that “two weeks from now we should have a yes or no definition” regarding what will happen in Minas.

“While we have had conversations about what the return to activity If it were done, we did not reach a number of workers that would convince both parties, so the labor chapter is not closed either,” Ferreira clarified.

And he stated: “Much also depends on the industrial chapter, because what FNC has said is that depending on how both commissions develop, it will be the final decision to keep the factory open or not.”

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