Paganini brought Uruguayan support to the Peace Summit in Ukraine

Paganini brought Uruguayan support to the Peace Summit in Ukraine
Paganini brought Uruguayan support to the Peace Summit in Ukraine

The chancellor Omar Paganini participate in the Ukraine Peace Summit that develops in Swiss, where Uruguay maintains its position of promoting the end of the war and condemnation of the Russian invasion.

He Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRREE) was thus shown together with the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, who had met last year with the president Luis Lacalle Pou. The event brought together leaders from more than 90 countries, including leaders from the region such as Argentina Javier Milei and the Chilean Gabriel Boric.

From Chancellery They valued that the objective is to “participate in a common vision towards the path of a just and lasting peace”, in the midst of a summit that included world leaders and which lacked the presence of China to demonstrate the global isolation of Russia which Ukraine intends to point out.

During the last summit between Zelensky and Lacalle Pou, the Ukrainian president had extended his invitation to this summit, while last August he said he was “happy” for the Uruguayan position, with a condemnatory tone against Russia.

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The different positions of Milei, Boric and Lula

The event was attended by heads of state from the region, among which the Argentine’s speech stood out. Milei, who expressed his “maximum support for the people of Ukraine and friend Zelensky.”

“As defenders of freedom, We repudiate any form of violence and war as an illegitimate mechanism to resolve conflicts between nations. The war It can never be the answer to problems that must be resolved in the political sphere,” said the libertarian in a speech that lasted about 3 minutes.

In turn, the Chilean Boric argued: “Why would a country that is as far from this war as Chili Are you participating in this summit? It’s not because we don’t like it (Vladimir Putin, although I personally don’t like it.”

“It is not because we have sympathy for Mr. Zelensky, it is not because we support the expansion of nations to the east, or because we are part of one or another geopolitical bloc; it is because we, as a small country in the south of the world, with 20 million inhabitants , we are aware that only respect for international law and human rights can guarantee peace,” he explained and stated that the same logic “applies to conflict in Gaza”.

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In return, the one who sent a message with his absence was the Brazilian Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who clarified that his country will only participate in peace negotiations for the war in Ukraine if Russia is also invited.

“It is not possible for there to be a fight between two and have only one to solve the problem,” Lula said from Italy, during a press conference within the framework of his participation in the G7 summit.

Along these lines, he indicated: “We are proposing that there be a good, effective negotiation, that we definitively put Russia at the table, Zelensky at the table and then we will see that it is possible to convince them that peace will bring better results than war.” .

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