Now the problem is them

Now the problem is them
Now the problem is them

The president of Brazil, Lula Da Silva, He assured that he is “ready” to sign the Mercosur-EU Agreement, but he clarified that “now the problem is them,” in reference to the extension of the deadlines after the elections in the European Parliament and the triumph of the extreme right that generated a political crisis in France.

The extensive free trade agreement, which could be beneficial for some sectors of the Uruguayan economy, It has already been 25 years of negotiations. This is how Lula recently explained it to his partner. France, Emmanuel Macron, and the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, After separate meetings within the framework of the G7 summit.

“We spoke again about the issue of the agreement between the European Union and the Mercosur. And I told them that, after all the negotiations that Brazil made to modify the pact, including aspects that we considered necessary and eliminating those that we saw unnecessary, that we are ready for when the EU wants to sign it,” stated the Brazilian leader.

The president indicated that “the problem now is them,” in reference to institutional renewal. In any case, the European parliamentarian would continue, although there is uncertainty about the French president. “Von der Leyen She has to be appointed in about three weeks to occupy the same position she occupies today and Macron called elections in France, so we have to wait,” Lula added.

In fact, Von der Leyen herself assured through her X account that “in Mercosur, the European Commission remains committed to a good and mutually beneficial result”, but without giving clues about definitions.

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Uruguay waits until next month to negotiate with China

Within the South American regional bloc, Uruguay awaits the arrival of July to become the pro tempore president of Mercosur, a role from which he seeks to promote a FTA (FTA) with China, given the impossibility of reaching a similar agreement, but of a bilateral nature.

After the elevation to a comprehensive strategic partnership at the end of last year, the government has already confirmed that it will request a meeting of the heads of state of Mercosur and the Chinese president Xi Jinping.

“And, if not, let Mercosur’s technical services meet with China, because there hasn’t been a meeting for a long time. And it is very important, China loves it,” said the president. Luis Lacalle Pou weeks ago.

Added to this is the confirmation of the chancellor Omar Paganini, who told the weekly Busqueda some time ago that the government “is going to invite Mercosur-China dialogue” in the second half of the year.

“Evidently for Mercosur it is more complex to reach an agreement with China than for Uruguay, alone we are much more complementary. But hopefully this issue can move forward,” argued the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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