At least 9 injured in gun attack in Michigan

At least 9 injured in gun attack in Michigan
At least 9 injured in gun attack in Michigan

The shooting took place in a suburb of Detroit.

According to police, the incident occurred on Saturday at a water playground in Rochester Hills, Michigan. An eight-year-old child was among the injured, and the perpetrator may have been arrested near the scene.

According to current information, the perpetrator got out of his vehicle, approached the water playground and then opened fire, Sheriff Michael Bouchard told reporters. He reloaded and fired again and then walked away. “It seems very random,” Bouchard added, adding that the shooter apparently had no personal connection to his victims.

A Glock pistol and empty magazines were found at the crime scene. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said on the online service X that she was “shocked” by the attack.

Gun violence is a daily problem in the USA, where there are more firearms than inhabitants. Thousands of people are killed in gun attacks every year. According to surveys, a majority of US citizens are in favour of stricter gun laws. However, such initiatives have repeatedly failed in the past due to resistance from conservative Republicans in Congress and the powerful gun lobby.

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