Fatal plane crash at Kasberg solved

Fatal plane crash at Kasberg solved
Fatal plane crash at Kasberg solved

A large-scale search operation was initiated at that time.

According to the ORF report, the pilot was not authorized to fly using instruments, colloquially known as blind flying. This is where an aircraft is controlled using only on-board instruments when poor visibility does not allow for visual orientation. The pilot should not have taken off because of bad weather.

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Immediately after the accident at the end of November 2023, a special commission was set up to investigate the cause of the crash. The investigators said at the time that it was necessary to determine whether technical defects or human error had caused the fatal aircraft accident.

The plane took off from the Czech Republic at the end of November with four passengers heading for Croatia, but ran into turbulence over Austrian territory due to wind and snowfall and disappeared from radar. The wreckage and the bodies of the passengers were recovered by rescue services, firefighters and police at Kasberg.

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Yesterday, the Wels public prosecutor’s office announced that the pilot did not have the aforementioned instrument flight license. Otherwise, the plane was in perfect condition and properly maintained. Alcohol and drugs were apparently not involved, the authorities confirmed in response to an APA query, referring to a toxicological report.

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An aviation expert, however, determined that the pilot should have refrained from taking off because a safe flight was evidently not possible due to the unfavorable weather conditions on the planned route. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the pilot is therefore primarily to blame for the accident. Because he also died in the crash, the proceedings against him were dropped.

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