After the death of chairman Lauterbach, his brother becomes the new Welscup boss

After the death of chairman Lauterbach, his brother becomes the new Welscup boss
After the death of chairman Lauterbach, his brother becomes the new Welscup boss

After months of searching, a suitable successor was found for Welscup chairman Reinhard Lauterbach (64), the head of the traditional ski racing series who died far too early. And he comes from the family. Reinhard’s older brother Hans (67) is taking over the organization of the Welscup and announces the first changes: “In addition to Hinterstoder as the venue, the races could also be held elsewhere in the future. I’m thinking of the Wurzeralm or the Kasberg, for example, if the conditions there are right.”

Bringing fresh air everywhere

The designated chairman is bursting with ideas and thought experiments. He is thinking of a legends race with Welscup winners from earlier times and wants to focus on young talent. There is also a lack of young talent among the officials. The majority of volunteers are of retirement age. The designated chairman wants to breathe new life into everything. In particular, he wants to get young people more interested in winter sports again.

“The most difficult thing will be how we can get all the races through next season.” This year, five of the six planned competitions were barely able to take place. Lauterbach does not believe that skiing has an expiration date in view of climate change: “Of course skiing has a future. Skiing is part of Austria. This tradition must be continued.”

The fact that the former FIS official and manager with international experience was persuaded to take over the chairmanship also had sentimental reasons: “Reinhard and I were still children when our father died in a traffic accident.” The Wels Ski Club and its officials became the two half-orphans’ second family. Of course, he also wanted to continue his brother’s legacy: “Reini lived for the Wels Cup. My goal must be to bring it safely to its 75th anniversary.

Green light for chairmanship

A date for the next Welscup general meeting is still pending. However, all ski clubs involved in the Welscup have already given the green light for Lauterbach. “To be honest, we are all delighted that Hansi is taking on this role,” stresses Marcel Proché from the Wels Ski Club. He also trusts him to reform the Welscup, which was founded 52 years ago, and lead it into a bright future.

Ernst König, racing director of the Wels TVN, reacted in a similarly positive way: “Hans Lauterbach is someone who brings in new ideas. That can only be good for the Wels Cup and thus for all of skiing in the region.”

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