Exports fell 5.2% so far this year

Exports fell 5.2% so far this year
Exports fell 5.2% so far this year

The National Meat Institute reported that until the 8th of this month, a total of 1,085.7 million dollars had been received.

The income by exports of beef decreased by 5.2% so far this year, according to the National Meat Institute (INAC), although they emphasize that they managed to cross the barrier of 1,085.7 million dollars in sales with a total of 301,347 tons exported from the Uruguay.

In this way, from January 1 to the 8th of this month – a period in which the INAC based to carry out their studies – a slight decrease in income through exports was perceived when compared to the previous year.

With total revenue of $1,085.7 million, so far, they were down 5.2% year-on-year where revenue was $1,145.3 million. However, if the year-on-year variations are compared, this year is much more promising since in 2023 the year-on-year decrease in income was 26% compared to 2022, where exports meant a total of 1,547.11 million dollars that year.

China, the best customer

Among the largest buyers of Uruguayan meat is China with 33% of the total and with income of 362,628 million dollars until the 8th of this month. In second place is the block of United States Mexico and Canada (Umsca, for its acronym in English) with 27% of total income and 295,163 million dollars.

Behind is the European Union with 15% of the income through a total of 162,259 million dollars. Meanwhile he Mercosur means 6% of the meat sales of the Uruguay with 64,543 million dollars. Behind, there is Israel with 47,967 million dollars contributed to export income, representing 4%.

The interference of beef

Within the total of meat products sold by the Uruguay, 81% is represented by the sale of beef, contributing a total of 882,004 million dollars. Far behind are primary byproducts for industrial use with 5% participation and a total of 50,339 million dollars.

In third place are the offal also with 5% and with a total contribution of 49,258 million dollars. With 4% you can see the edible residual byproducts, representing a total of 41,613 million dollars. In fifth place is the sheep meat with 29,271 million dollars of income, almost 3% of the total.

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