Not far from EM fans: Man handled Molotov cocktail and pickaxe in Hamburg

Not far from EM fans: Man handled Molotov cocktail and pickaxe in Hamburg
Not far from EM fans: Man handled Molotov cocktail and pickaxe in Hamburg

The operation took place near the Reeperbahn entertainment mile

Officers in Hamburg-St. Pauli shot and injured a man who was threatening several people and emergency services. He was hit in the leg and is receiving medical treatment, a police spokesman said on Sunday. According to police, the man’s motive was initially unclear.

“According to current information, there is no football connection,” said the spokesman. Shortly before the incident, thousands of Dutch fans had marched through the district on a so-called fan walk on the occasion of the European Championship match between the Netherlands and Poland that afternoon. According to initial information, the police believe that a lone perpetrator was responsible. “The event at Heiligengeistfeld is subject to various security checks and is well protected,” wrote the police on the X platform. The Hamburg fan festival is being held at Heiligengeistfeld, not far from the Reeperbahn.

“Wanted to light a Molotov cocktail”

The man had come out of a bar on Silbersackstrasse around midday. He had a tool in his hand, a type of pickaxe, and was pointing it at police officers in a “threatening manner,” a spokesman said. They ordered him to put the tool down. He also had a Molotov cocktail in his hand. “He put the pickaxe down and then tried to light the Molotov cocktail with a lighter,” said a police spokeswoman.

A video circulating on social media shows the man threatening several people and shouting “Shoot” at the emergency services. Because, according to investigators, he continued to create a threatening situation, the officers fired. A police spokesman could not initially say how many shots were fired. Several shots can be heard on the video in question. According to investigations so far, no other people were injured.

“Homicide squad will get involved”

The police cordoned off the crime scene in a side street of the Reeperbahn and also a part of the Reeperbahn with bars, as a dpa photographer observed. Officers secured evidence. “I firmly believe that the homicide squad will also get involved and, as usual in these cases, the department will also conduct internal investigations,” said the police spokeswoman.

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