The forestry sector is the most fined within the Ministry of the Environment

The forestry sector is the most fined within the Ministry of the Environment
The forestry sector is the most fined within the Ministry of the Environment

The forestry sector is the most fined within the Ministry of Environment and the company UPM It is the first to receive a total of 35 sanctions from the portfolio, while the most common reasons for violations are the extraction of tosca and the dumping of polluting liquids.

Until now, in Ministry of Environment There are a total of 463 resolutions against actions that harm the environment. Among the most common are works without authorization, non-compliance with waste regulations, the dumping of polluting liquids into the watercourse and evasion of the rules that protect wildlife, according to the weekly Busqueda.

Meanwhile, the most expensive sanction during 2023 was for the firm Ramon C. Alvezwhich had to pay a total of 3.2 million pesos while building road works for the Ministry of Transportation. The reasons were the extraction of stone and coarse stone outside the authorized lands and the failure to comply with environmental management standards that the same company had presented.

UPM, the most offender

Among the companies that received the most fines, it is in first place UPM, with its set of industrial and forestry complexes. According to Search, Eastern Forest accumulates 13 sanctions, EF Asset Management add 12 and Cuecar SA and Blanvira SA They have 10, all four belong to UPM.

These are followed by Ancap with a total of 7 sanctions, while in 2022 it had to pay 2.4 million pesos, that is, 1,200 adjustable units, for a fuel spill in the Arroyo Pantanoso.

Complaints to the Ministry of the Environment increased by 31% in 2023

He Ministry of Environment received a total of 1,234 complaints during last year, perceiving an increase of 31% compared to 2021, being cannelloni and Montevideo the departments with the highest rate of complaints.

The environmental portfolio has been receiving increasing complaints since 2020. However, during 2023 there was a jump in the number of claims, went from 946 in 2022 to 1,234 last year. Meanwhile, in 2021, a total of 922 were registered, while in 2020 there were 892 complaints.

Complaints and warnings from citizens represented an increase of 31% over the past year. The data was taken from Environmental Complaints Attention System. Of the total complaints, 484 of them were diverted to the corresponding municipalities, while a total of 59 were managed.

Among the departments that received the most complaints is Montevideo, firstly, with a total of 255, followed by cannelloni with 252, representing an increase of 21 and 20%, respectively.

These were followed Maldonado occupying third place with 232 complaints, an increase of 19% compared to last year. Fourth place is occupied Rocha with an increase of 10% compared to 2022 with a total of 122 claims. For its part, Cologne It ranked fifth with 70 complaints, representing an increase of 6%.

Source: Ambito

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