Pasching: 10-year-old boys race away in stolen car

Pasching: 10-year-old boys race away in stolen car
Pasching: 10-year-old boys race away in stolen car

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On Sunday evening, several road users in Pasching noticed a car with missing license plates, a missing trunk lid and burst tires and alerted the police. But the emergency services don’t see this very often: a 10-year-old was sitting at the wheel. And next to him: a second 10-year-old.

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The two started their tour on Sunday at around 10 p.m. in a cordoned-off company premises in Marchtrenk: There they stole vehicle keys from parked cars. They then went to a nearby settlement – there they discovered a motorcycle and its keys. Because of a lack of awareness regarding ownership and a lack of height, the two were unable to start the vehicle and left it behind. However, they took the key with them.

By train to the next coup

They continued by train towards Pasching, where they managed to steal a car. Because they were driving without license plates, with severe damage to the car, burst tires and smoke coming from the hood, they appeared suspicious to other road users. The police were alerted and witnesses followed the two 10-year-olds.

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The 10-year-olds sped off at excessive speed, ignoring red lights and other road users following behind them. They finally came to an end on a side street of the B1 in the Traun area. A courageous driver was able to keep the two boys at bay until the police arrived. The 10-year-olds admitted all the charges and were returned to their care facility after the investigation was completed.

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