Ancap’s net income plummeted 20% year-on-year

Ancap’s net income plummeted 20% year-on-year
Ancap’s net income plummeted 20% year-on-year

At constant values, the autonomous entity recorded a drop of about $585M during the last month.

Photo: Martín Atme / Municipality of Montevideo

The net income of Ancap At constant values, they plummeted 20% year-on-year in May compared to the same period last year, after, according to the latest transparency data released by the autonomous entity, a drop of 585 million pesos was recorded.

Ancapwhich continues to recover from the extensive technical stoppage of the La Teja refineryreported net income at constant values ​​of 7,635 million pesos in May, 585 million pesos less than what it entered in May 2023, for 8,220 million pesos.

At the beginning of the month, the state company reported losses of up to 48 million dollars during the first quarter, explained mainly by the import of fuel as a result of the technical stoppage, which cost about 79 million dollars of investment since the middle of last year.

In the first five months of the year, the net income of Ancap They continue below last year’s records, although they have been growing since March.

In January 2023, the state company announced revenues of 9,752 million pesos, while it started this year with 6,909 million pesos. In February, 6,723 million pesos were registered, compared to 8,622 in the same month last year.

In March, income in constant pesos was 6,706 million pesos, when in the same period of the previous year they had been 9,392 million pesos. April was the month closest to the previous season, since it reported 7,075 million pesos compared to 7,575 million in April 2023.

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Ancap stopped crude oil pumping after detecting a loss in the interspa

This Monday, Ancap stopped the pumping of crude oil when it detected a loss of hydrocarbon at kilometer 56 of the Interbalnearia Route, on the route of the underground pipeline that transports oil from Jose Ignacio towards the La Teja Refinery.

After the oil company was warned by the Departmental Emergency Coordination Center (CECOED) of cannellonithe pumping of crude oil to the refinery was stopped and the spill containment protocol was activated.

The state company maintains that the loss was controlled immediately and that this did not affect the normal circulation of vehicles in the area, nor the supply of fuel to the population.

Source: Ambito

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