The coalition leads the Broad Front in voting intention by 7 points

The coalition leads the Broad Front in voting intention by 7 points
The coalition leads the Broad Front in voting intention by 7 points

If the elections were held on Sunday, 50% of the population would lean towards one of the parties in the government alliance, according to the survey.

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The government coalition leads the voting intention Broad Front (FA) by 7 percentage points ahead of the 2024 elections, according to the data from the latest survey by the consulting firm Factum.

According to the relay, 50% of the population would be inclined to vote for one of the parties that make up the Multicolor Coalition (Republican Coalition) in the October general elections, compared to the 43% who would have their preference for the FA if the votes were held next Sunday.

In the breakdown of the ruling party, in the third quarter of the year, the National Party (PN) gathers 30% of voting intentions, while the Colorado Party (PC) It rose from 10% to 12% in sympathies. Open Town Hall (CA) presents a slight drop in the responses and collects 5% of the adhesions, while the Independent Party (PI) It went from 2% to 3%. The other party in the coalition, the People’s Partyseems to continue declining in voting intention and would be below 1%.

On the opposition side to the government, the FA maintains its voting intention unchanged since the beginning of the year at 43%, while Popular Unity – Workers’ Front would reach parliamentary representation with 1%. The other parties account for 2%, with a greater presence of Intransigent Radical Ecologist Party (PERI). Those who would vote blank or annulled total 4%.

The Frente Amplio strengthens compared to 2019, while Cabildo Abierto falls

Regarding the October 2019 elections, the FA would be gaining 4 points, while the PI would add 2 points and the PN 1 point. In turn, the PC, the sum of other parties and the annulled vote would remain unchanged if this scenario were to occur.

At the other extreme, the People’s Party would lose 1 point and CA would suffer a severe electoral setback, since it is projected to drop 6 points, going from the historic 11% achieved in the debut, to an estimated 5%.

The leader and CA presidential candidate, Guido Manini Ríosassured in April that his political strength “was growing” despite the fact that successive polls suggest a significant cut in votes.

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