The government inaugurated the new space of the Uruguay Innovation Hub

The government inaugurated the new space of the Uruguay Innovation Hub
The government inaugurated the new space of the Uruguay Innovation Hub

He Republic President, Luis Lacalle Pouattended this Monday accompanied by different national authorities the opening ceremony of the program’s brand new innovation campus Uruguay Innovation Hub in it LATU.

Planned as a center for technological development, the campus will provide a dynamic environment for interaction between professionals and companies, to facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge as well as resources.

“Innovation and technology are fundamental drivers of the development of the economy and the knowledge society,” said the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM), Elisa Facio. The leader maintained that the new center reaffirms the government’s commitment to positioning Uruguay as a benchmark in innovation and top-level technology in the world.

Uruguay Innovation Hub will be a catalyst for breakthroughs and an engine of sustainable economic growth for Uruguay“added Facio. Likewise, he reaffirmed the country’s potential in the biotechnology sector and the so-called “green technologies”, which are based on sustainable energies that are careful with the environment.

“Foreign companies can come with investments and with projects that they want to leverage, that the fund wants to invest and from the Uruguay Innovation Hub The same enterprise is also supported so that it has more possibilities abroad or from home. Uruguay“he continued.

“You know that a few years ago they came to Uruguay very important companies Argentinasuch as Mercado Libre or Globant. Uruguay It is a very good place to develop these things and what this does is consolidate everything that already exists,” reflected the minister.

Facio also appreciated the step taken by Uruguay following the approval of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (TCP). “This really is a milestone of technology and innovation. Truly, being part of the TCP puts Uruguay on the map and strengthens our position as an attractive destination for innovative projects in the region and in the world. We know the prestige that our country has for its democratic solidity, the value of its institutions, economic and social stability, and this was like a stone in a shoe. Not having TCP was really painful for us. Now we are super happy that this has been possible,” concluded Facio with special satisfaction.

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For its part, in dialogue with Ambitthe director of Uruguay Innovation Hub, Sabrina Sauksteliskisindicated that the new space “is a meeting point where the idea is that, since the office is Uruguay Innovation Hub, where we spend time receiving startups and receiving investors, we will be in permanent contact with startups and researchers to provide disruptive solutions to problems and generate ventures. So you have a biotechnology company that needs to improve a process with artificial intelligence and you have the Microsoft laboratory that does artificial intelligence things, or you have the IBM Build Hub that is going to have artificial intelligence topics as well and we can connect one thing with another. “.

“We are wanting to attract startups from the region”

“We are wanting to attract startups that come from the region and settle here. We give them the possibility of having part of the space and doing activities here, but the money we receive is to be able to bring speakers and organize activities,” Sauksteliskis reported.

The new building, which is located in Los Ombúes, at LATU, functions as a “versatile” space to generate activities and exchanges between organizations in the private sector, the State and the university sector.

In addition to Lacalle Pou, the secretary and deputy secretary of the Presidency attended the opening ceremony, Rodrigo Ferresand Mariana CabreraThe chancellor Omar PaganiniEconomy and Finance (MEF), Azucena Arbelecheand the Minister of Education and Culture, Pablo da Silveiraas well as Fernando Blancodirector of the Office of Planning and Budget (OPP).

Source: Ambito

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