Welser Hutfabrik celebrates 150 years with an open day

Welser Hutfabrik celebrates 150 years with an open day
Welser Hutfabrik celebrates 150 years with an open day

Rene Gebetsroither and Markus Pichler promote the open day.

Where milliners once went about their work, you can now find a colorful mix of businesses and establishments.

To mark the 150th anniversary of the Blum factory on Carl-Blum-Straße, the employees working there will be giving an insight into their work on Friday, June 21, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

A varied program awaits visitors with free admission. The children from the special needs kindergarten and day-care center are already busy creating great works of art that can be admired. History buffs will also get their money’s worth, as there is a lot to learn from the period from 1874 to the present day.

After an insight into the working methods and a look over the shoulders of the employees of Caritas, IBM iX Experience Agency, Proges Women’s Health Center and Treffpunkt mensch & arbeit, there is also something magical after a little refreshment – especially for the young guests.

“The magician Maguel will pull a lot of things out of his hat before we wish the hat factory and the people who come and go here all the best for the next 150 years,” says organizer and company chaplain Markus Pichler.

The old Hat factorywhich the manufacturer Carl Blum had built in 1874, was an important industrial enterprise in Wels until its demise in 1935. During its most successful times, Blum’s hats made of velour and rabbit hair were even sold in the fashion capitals of New York, Paris and London, and up to 240 people were employed. During the Second World War, the factory housed the army rations office. The last heir, Roberta Blum, bequeathed the area, including the Blum villa, to the church for good causes in 1967. The villa now houses a special needs kindergarten.

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