Delgado demands that Orsi and Cosse speak out on the social security plebiscite

Delgado demands that Orsi and Cosse speak out on the social security plebiscite
Delgado demands that Orsi and Cosse speak out on the social security plebiscite

Less than two weeks before the internal elections and with the Electoral Court confirming that the signatures are there, the nationalist candidate took aim at the opposition.

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The presidential candidate Uruguay for him National Party, Álvaro Delgadohe once again complained to his opponents of Broad Front (FA) to speak out regarding the plebiscite against social security reform driven by the PIT-CNT, a few days after the Electoral Court confirm your qualification and that the internal elections are held.

That they “stop looking to the side” is what he demanded Slim less than two weeks before the Uruguayans choose the formation of the lists for each party, in relation to the Wide Front and his position on the plebiscite of the social Security which, very possibly, will enable the PIT-CNT.

“Neither the Broad Front nor Orsi, neither cosse They have an excuse to say what their position is. Because until now they have given freedom of action, an issue where the life of the Uruguay of the future, of our retirement and of the economy of the Uruguay. They have taken aspirin and are looking to the side. Now with the Court’s proclamation that the signatures are there, they are going to have to speak, they are going to have to say what they are going to do,” said the nationalist candidate, and added: “We say clearly what we are going to do: we are going to be on the side of the people, taking care of their savings.”

Delgado also assured that his campaign is “smoke-free, with proposals and telling the truth.” “We don’t have to chastise, or attack, or disqualify, or trip, or do the plank on the tibia, or even raise our voice,” he said.

Other criticisms against the Frente Amplio pointed to the questions in the pandemic and vaccination stage, during the drought and against the Urgent Consideration Law (LUC).

The “silent majority” that Delgado trusts

On Saturday, in the middle of the last stages of the campaign tour before the electoral ban, Delgado maintained that he is confident that “a silent majority” within the population will define the election in favor of the ruling party, and that the undecided will lean towards favor of the parties in the government coalition.

For the pre-candidate, among Uruguayan voters there is a group of people who, although they did not vote for the ruling party in 2019, will now have to compare “not only candidates, but also efforts and results” and who “will surely give us confidence.”

Along the same lines, he once again urged white voters to come and vote in the internal elections, which he defined as “key” despite not being mandatory, since they are “the first stage of an electoral process that will heading to October and heading to November.” “If he National Party is once again the party with the most votes in the internal elections, surely on June 30 we will begin to win the national election,” he insisted.

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