Bukele’s shock policy is not a model for Uruguay, stated Lacalle Pou

Bukele’s shock policy is not a model for Uruguay, stated Lacalle Pou
Bukele’s shock policy is not a model for Uruguay, stated Lacalle Pou

President Luis Lacalle Pou He referred to the public security policy of The Savior and pointed out that, although he understands the methodology in the context of the Central American country, “it is not a model for Uruguay”.

Lacalle Pou is found in Chili on the occasion of his participation in a tribute to the former president of that country, Sebastian Piñera, who died in a helicopter accident last February. There she also met her partner Gabriel Boric, with whom they spoke about strengthening the bilateral relationship and commercial exchange between both countries.

In the middle of the agenda, the president gave an interview to the media CNN Chile, in which he talked about topics such as Mercosur, its similarities and differences with the government of Javier Milei in Argentina, and the importance of the State to guarantee collective and individual freedoms.

However, the issue of security, on the one hand, and social security reform, on the other, were key points.

“It is not a model for Uruguay”

Asked about his opinion regarding the government of Nayib Bukelewho began his second term on June 1 after having won the elections with 85% of the votes, Lacalle Pou He maintained that he understands the “shock politics” applied in security matters.

“I know El Salvador, I went surfing for many years. I arrived on a Thursday and by Sunday they had killed 45 people,” she recalled, as a graphic diagnosis of the Salvadoran context. “When the unsafety campea and there is a very strong violent extreme“It is very difficult with half measures, with lukewarm cloth,” said the president.

“I understand the politics of shock in public security that Bukele is carrying forward in terms of El Salvador. I am unaware of the issue of human rights, the issue of the prison situation, that there are some complaints but they do not have the informative weight that this directly affects public security, the repression of crime,” he added, as a defense.

But he was clear about a possible application of similar policies in the country that, although it is going through a delicate situation in terms of security – mainly in homicides – is far from having the figures of the Central American country: “If the question is whether it is a model for Uruguay, no, it is not a model for Uruguay”, he claimed.

An unavoidable social security reform

Lacalle Pou was also consulted about the social security reform and, although he did not refer to the plebiscite promoted by the PIT-CNT to reverse most of the modifications approved by the law, he did defend the project approved by the ruling party.

“The debate is unavoidable in Uruguay 15 years ago, what happened is that everyone avoided it,” said the president, and acknowledged that he himself did not want raise the retirement age, but that a team of specialists assured him that it was impossible not to do so. The solution, he maintained, was to do it gradually.

“It is a reform with a strong social sensitivity, with gender issues, minimum pensions, disability issues,” he noted, adding that not only did it involve necessary modifications for the sustainability of the system, but it also entailed improvements such as, for example, the possibility of continuing to work after retirement.

“It improves in some issues, accompanies life expectancy and is sustainable,” he listed. Lacalle Pou.

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