José Mujica remembered Sebastián Piñera with a funny anecdote

José Mujica remembered Sebastián Piñera with a funny anecdote
José Mujica remembered Sebastián Piñera with a funny anecdote

He former president of the Republic, Jose Mujicaremembered the deceased former Chilean president Sebastián Piñera with a funny anecdote about a trip together in the Antarcticawithin the framework of the posthumous tribute to the former president that was carried out in Chili.

This Tuesday, through a home video, the leader of the Wide Front expressed his “pride” for his friendly bond with pineapple and said he was “full of memories” of his time as head of state.

“I feel proud and full of memories of having been able to travel with him to Antarctica,” he said. Mujicawho added that this is a “fond memory” with the former Chilean leader, who died in an accident while piloting a helicopter in February.

“Driven by that temperament he had, one day he wanted to drive in a military helicopter and I told him: ‘Stop, stop, they elected you to be president, not to be a helicopter driver,'” he said. Mujica.

Mujica commented that pineapple “He had a youthful spirit” and that he “almost adored adventure” and “risk”, but that “he could not foresee the pitfalls that life was going to generate for him.”

Lacalle Pou appreciated Piñera’s gesture after losing the 2014 elections

For his part, the Republic President, Luis Lacalle Pouvalued this Tuesday in an interview in Chile the gesture that pineapple had towards him after losing the runoff in the 2014 elections against the former president Tabaré Vázquez.

“In 2014 I lost my first presidential election and, obviously, it is always a blow, not only politically, but also emotionally, to lose. The president pineappleWithout having any reason, I was a not very well-known senator, at least here in Chile, and the president pineapple He invited me to his inauguration,” he continued.

“The funny thing is that we were on a bus and next to me came another one who had lost, Guillermo Lasso, and the two of us later had the opportunity to reach (the presidency) and we always remember (that) we met on a bus in Chile. The president had a nice gesture pineapple with me there,” he concluded.

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