In love with the smartphone

In love with the smartphone
In love with the smartphone

Music teacher Nicole Buchegger rehearsing with the class choir of MMS Leonding.

Today, Wednesday evening, the young people have their big performance. “Smombies” is the name of the musical that the students are performing on June 19th and 20th in the Leonding multi-purpose hall. It is all about those who block out real life with their cell phone addiction. A serious and current topic that the young people approach in a humorous way.

“Smombies” are those young people who are so in love with their smartphones that they almost forget their (human) surroundings. Of course, the aim is to get people thinking about what digital opportunities are doing to interpersonal relationships, but the aim is also to entertain, which is the goal of the two “musical days”.

The school band and class choir are putting in a lot of effort for the “evening full of humor, drama, fantasy and cool music”. The musical direction is in the hands of music teacher Nicole Buchegger. She is no stranger to the choir scene and leads the hard choir TNG (The New Generation) together with Alexander Koller.

The play “Smombies” is suitable for children from the 3rd grade of primary school onwards. Even at this age, the topic of addiction and smartphones is already a big one.

The performances in the Leonding multi-purpose hall begin on Wednesday and Thursday at 7 p.m. Admission is free.

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