Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un signed a strategic partnership agreement

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un signed a strategic partnership agreement
Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un signed a strategic partnership agreement

Kim Jong-Un, leader of North Korea and Vladimir Putinpresident of Russia, met this Wednesday in the city of Pyongyang. There, both countries signed a association treaty strategy that foresees mutual assistance in case of “assault“.

“The global partnership treaty signed today provides, among other things, for a mutual assistance in case of aggression against a party“, Putin explained, specifying that Russia “does not rule out” military-technical cooperation between both nations. The agreement comes while the Western powers They accuse North Korea of ​​supplying Russia with ammunition and missiles for the war with Ukraine.

The agreement between Putin and Kim Jong-Un

Prior to the signing of the treaty, Putin was received in North Korea as a hero. The country, led by Kim Jong-Un. Then, in Kim II Sung Square in Pyongyang, the top Russian leader was entertained with a military band and a synchronized dance show.

After the reception, the leaders began a meeting in what was their second meeting in less than a year, after Kim Jong-Un visited Russia in September 2023. There, North Korea and Russia signed a defense agreement. It provides that the States provide mutual assistance in case of an “aggression”.

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Kim Jung-un has agreed to visit Russia and hopes to be able to do so this year.


The North Korean leader indicated that the mutual assistance agreement is of “defensive“, according to Russian press agencies, and described Putin as “ best friend“from North Korea. For his part, Putin thanked them for their support.”constant and unwavering” from North Korea, and invited the North Korean leader to visit Moscow. Finally, the Russian leader called for sanctions against Pyongyang to be “revised“.

Moscow and Pyongyang have been allies since the end of the Korean War (1950-1953) and have strengthened their relations since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. According to Koh Yu-hwan, professor emeritus of North Korean studies at the University of Donggkuk, located in Seoul, at this link “Russia needs North Korea’s support in arms due to the prolonged war in Ukraine, while North Korea needs Russia’s support in food, energy and weapons tip to relieve sanctions pressure” –

The accusations against North Korea

The signing of the treaty occurs at a tense moment in international relations. The armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine – which keeps the region in suspense – has already been more than two years happening.

The signing of the treaty took place amidst the main Western powers accusing North Korea of ​​selling weapons (missiles and ammunition) to the country led by Putin to settle its war with Ukraine. One of those powers is USA, from where they expressed their “concern” about the trip made by Putin.

Far from this, Pyongyang dismissed the accusations that it supplies weapons to Russia and called them “absurd“For its part, Russia used its veto at the UN in March to end the monitoring of sanctions imposed on North Korea and imposed above all by Kim Jong-un’s nuclear program.

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