Activists vandalized historic Stonehenge monument with orange paint

Activists vandalized historic Stonehenge monument with orange paint
Activists vandalized historic Stonehenge monument with orange paint

The ecological activists belong to the Just Stop Oil organization. They sprayed the monoliths of the famous monument with paint.

Two activists from the environmental organization Just Stop Oil were arrested for spraying paint on the monoliths of the famous prehistoric site of Stonehengein United Kingdom. The act of vandalism was recorded in a video that went viral on social networks.

The police of Wilshirein the southwest of Englandconfirmed in a statement that it arrested two suspects, while Just Stop Oil, which calls for the end of fossil fuel exploitation, claimed responsibility for the action. In addition, they assured that the powder paint used “will soon disappear with the rain“.

United Kingdom: the video of activists vandalizing the Stonehenge monument

In the images that quickly circulated on social networks, two men can be seen running towards the huge stones and beginning to sprinkle the monoliths with orange powder, while some people try to prevent it. According to the police, “officers responded to the scene and arrested the two people.”

vandalism Stonehenge.mp4

According to the environmental organization through X, the substance “will soon disappear with the rain, but there is no urgent need for effective government action to mitigate the catastrophic consequences of the climate and ecological crisis“.

The vandalism against Stonehenge caused anger among many users since It is one of the most important monuments in the world due to its size, sophisticated plan and architectural precision. Thousands of people visit it every year for the pagan summer solstice festivals.

The position of the United Kingdom government regarding acts of vandalism

British Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunakreferred to what happened and denounced ““A disgraceful act of vandalism against one of the oldest and most important monuments in the United Kingdom and the world.”. For its part, Keir Starmer favorite to become prime minister after the July 4 elections, also denounced the organization’s way of acting.

For two years, the British government has had to face the harsh actions of the organization that has attacked works of art and interrupted sports competitions or shows. Because of that, has tightened the law on the right to demonstrate in an attempt to prevent the actions of this group, founded in February 2022, which calls for the end of the exploitation of fossil energies before 2030.

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