Uruguay prepares for a new drought

Uruguay prepares for a new drought
Uruguay prepares for a new drought

The National Emergency System (Sinae) foresees dry months starting in September, with the arrival of La Niña, although at the moment there is water neutrality.

He National Emergency System (Sinae) works with reports and forecasts about a possible new drought in Uruguay, after the historic one suffered in 2023 and after the floods that are still being experienced in some departments due to rain and river flooding. Given the scenario that the water deficit is repeated this year, the organization is already evaluating preventive measures.

The director of Sinae, Santiago Caramés, He announced that the organization is monitoring the water situation of the country, mainly due to the effects that last year’s historic drought had in terms of water availability – with some rivers and streams dry in the central and southern part of the country, and with the reserve of Severino Pass reaching critical minimum levels that put the drinking water supply in the metropolitan area at risk.

“There is a table that is within the National Emergency System, which is the table for analyzing the water situation of the country, there they are evaluating all the forecasts, there are monthly reports which has some inaccuracy over time, but we are seeing the situation in the region and with international organizations,” Caramés explained in dialogue with Subrayado.

Regarding the prognosis of a new drought For this year, the director of Sinae said that “it is what is expected,” but that, for the moment, “we are in neutral months.”

The Ministry of Environment prepares for a new drought

He Ministry of Environment is also weighing the possibility that a new storm of The girl hit Uruguay and, with it, again drought. For this reason, it evaluates the alternative of using underground water reserves starting in the month of September, which is the time when it is estimated that the climate phenomenon would be present.

The undersecretary Gerardo Amarilla, He commented that the ministry and other related institutions are waiting for another climate phenomenon to occur again that complicates production and access to water in the region. Uruguay. “We are monitoring the situation, knowing that after winter there will be a period of lack of precipitation that can transform into water stress and perhaps a drought. You have to be prepared for that,” said the leader.

With this, Amarilla commented that the portfolio is updating the information on the amount of groundwater reserves that are found in the country. This way, in the event of a drought, they could draw on existing reserves.

“We have reservations. The idea is to have more information and more research to be able to know how much and how we can use it,” she explained.

The leader recalled the drought who had to cross the Uruguay a year ago and assured that the lesson was learned. “We hope that the drought is not as serious as what we had a year ago and which was dragged down by a three-year process of rainfall deficit,” he indicated and added: “Having learned the lesson of what we went through, being better prepared for what is to come is the objective.” of the Ministry of the Environment”.

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