Change in the weather: “The potential for severe thunderstorms is high”

Change in the weather: “The potential for severe thunderstorms is high”
Change in the weather: “The potential for severe thunderstorms is high”

The current weather conditions favor strong thunderstorms.

It is not yet possible to say exactly where and when the thunderstorms will hit Upper Austria in the next few days. But the potential for this is very high due to the current weather conditions, says Maximilian Stärz, meteorologist at Geosphere Austria.

The first thunderstorm complex could reach us as early as tomorrow, Thursday, in the evening hours of the summer solstice. “It will move from the north over Bavaria to Upper Austria, but depending on the air flow it could also discharge over the Czech Republic,” said the expert.

Heavy thunderstorms on Friday

On Friday it will be really hot again during the day with temperatures over 30 degrees. According to the forecast, the probability of thunderstorms will increase significantly in the afternoon and evening. “We don’t yet know exactly which regions in Upper Austria will be particularly affected. At the moment it looks as if the thunderstorm front will move across the entire state,” says Stärz.

However, the cold front will not bring a massive cooling effect. Temperatures will only drop to below twenty degrees overnight into Saturday.

Difficult predictions

In general, precise forecasts of thunderstorms are difficult, says Stärz. It depends particularly on how they form, and an assessment is not as certain as with other weather phenomena. However, since it is currently very humid, the conditions are ideal for severe storms.

The strength of the thunderstorms also depends on whether they occur during the day or at night. “Due to the solar radiation, there is more energy during the day and the thunderstorms tend to be more severe,” says Stärz.

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