The global dollar fell slightly amid the caution of the Fed and operators

The global dollar fell slightly amid the caution of the Fed and operators
The global dollar fell slightly amid the caution of the Fed and operators

The US currency operated stable and closed with a drop of 0.02%, while the euro appreciated, but remains close to historical lows.

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He global dollar continues without a fixed direction, driven by the different economic data of USA, and traded slightly lower this Wednesday, while the euro rose 0.03%, moving away from its recent lows on concerns that a new government in France could weaken fiscal discipline, increasing the debt risk premium throughout the area euro, while in Uruguay, The currency is approaching its maximum of the year.

He dollar index, which compares the performance of the greenback with a basket of six internationally relevant currencies, fell 0.02% to 105.23 units. Although it is expected that the session will be marked by the weakness of the prices before the closing of the markets Americans during the day.

The currency fell after a retail sales report in USA which suggested that economic activity remains mediocre and that Federal Reserve (Fed) will cut interest rates sooner than expected. Although the Central Bank authorities maintain a tone of extreme restraint regarding possible future measures regarding the easing of monetary policy.

The euro, meanwhile, gained 0.03% to $1.0745, after hitting a one-and-a-half-month low of $1.07 on Friday.

New rise and next record

In Uruguay, meanwhile, the dollar rose 0.07% on Tuesday compared to Monday and closed at 39.367 pesos, according to the price of the Central Bank (BCU), so that it accumulated two consecutive days on the rise and is approaching its maximum value of the year, reached on January 9, when it touched 39,439 pesos.

The greenback thus maintains its positive trend so far this month, with an increase of 1.48%, while in the accumulated year it reached an improvement of 0.88%, placing itself above the forecasts of the market, who was waiting for a dollar at 38.50 pesos by the end of May and estimates that it will reach 39.55 pesos only in October, a value that today seems closer.

It is worth clarifying that this Wednesday the US currency was not quoted in the local exchange market due to the holiday commemorating the 260th anniversary of the birth of the General José Artigas.

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