Orsi closed his campaign with Mujica with a call for the unity of the Frente Amplio

Orsi closed his campaign with Mujica with a call for the unity of the Frente Amplio
Orsi closed his campaign with Mujica with a call for the unity of the Frente Amplio

The presidential candidate of Broad Front, Yamandú Orsi, called for the unity of that political party in the face of the internal elections on Sunday the 30th and aimed to “be serious, responsible and clear”, when questioning the short-termism in the Uruguayan politics.

He former mayor of Canelones He was accompanied by the former president Jose Mujica, who called for “showing political commitment,” pointing out that “if the people don’t help, we won’t confront drugs.” The former vice president was also present at the scene. Lucia Topolansky, who warned that “the cause of the people does not admit delay.”

Orsi He pointed to the government and called to “come to the government to transform reality, to govern for everyone and not for a bar or even half, because we are Uruguayans.” “We are proud to be Frente Amplistas and we responsibly assume what the people want. “Count on us, we can count on you!” Orsi harangued the militants.

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“If someone considers that I am going to go through this process making attractive proposals to continue fishing in the fish tank and suddenly gain an immediate advantage in contests that are of short term, Don’t count on me,” he noted about short-termism. In turn, she called to make “contributions to the unit from our different positions, with synthesis, as historically the FA has shown us.”

Finally, on the birthday of General José Artigas He expressed: “When the destiny of our people is at stake, you cannot play. For that we have to be serious, responsible and clear. Taking into account that we have no other enemy than those who oppose public happiness, as we proposed Artigas.”

“Uncompromising on injustice, of course. Hard on inequality. But clearly when it comes to thinking about the move in such a way that things come to fruition and not that we are making speeches that are barbaric to us, but that in reality we are not screwing anyone,” Orsi stated.

Mujica called to “show commitment” from politics

To its turn, Mujica He recalled that “if the people do not help, we will not face the drug and we do not fight misery of the gurises”, but clarified: “We have to awaken people’s souls and that is the responsibility of politics, because we need not only empathy but also show commitment.”

“Politics is not for him.” personal accommodation, It is a passion that cannot be bought or sold. And you have to play. Politicians are not there to settle in and live belly up, they are there to live as the majority of the people live,” the former president argued.

And he added: “Let me die dreaming of the Socratic challenge that men can improve their souls. If men can modify nature, why can’t they change to collaborate and save life on the planet and the species itself?” .

Looking to the future, he called to “be a developed country to invest in the head, a cultured and educated nation, to be able to consider improving the soul and being less selfish” and confirmed his fight “so that the political system learns from our historical past.”

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Topolansky highlighted Orsi’s “mettle”

While, Topolansky He stressed that the country needs a leader “with proven mettle” and recalled the false complaint against the candidate: “Wow, in this dirty campaign they tested Yamandú’s mettle.”

“We need someone with enormous empathy and closeness. We have to govern with the participation of everyone. We need transparency. Don’t lie to the Senate!”, He targeted the current management in a shot by elevation.

Finally, the former vice president stated: “The cause of the people and that of excluded children and their families does not allow the slightest delay. Nor the lack of work and housing. We must get to October so that these cases are not pending.”

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