Causa Schilling: First hearing on revocation action on Friday

Causa Schilling: First hearing on revocation action on Friday
Causa Schilling: First hearing on revocation action on Friday

For the Greens, Thomas Waitz overtook Lena Schilling, for the Black Party, Alexander Bernhuber collected more votes than Angelika Winzig, Harald Vilimsky (FP) is the preferential vote emperor (from left).

Veronika and Sebastian Bohrn Mena have sued Schilling for a public retraction of several statements that they describe as “falsely factual”, “defamatory” and “damaging to his reputation”. The value in dispute is 12,000 euros.

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The court hearing is a first hearing, which serves to discuss the further trial program and get it on track. According to her lawyer Maria Windhager, Schilling will not appear, and it was unclear whether the plaintiffs would appear at the district court. A request to this effect from their legal representative Peter Zöchbauer was still pending as of early Thursday afternoon.

Lawsuit includes three points

The plaintiffs accuse Schilling of having “spread” false claims “to a large number of third parties” since 2022 and thereby “endangering” the plaintiffs’ “economic reputation”, which Lena Schilling denies. The lawsuit specifically covers three points: Sebastian Bohrn Mena has been violent towards his wife several times and in various ways, as a result of which Veronika Bohrn Mena suffered a miscarriage. Schilling is also said to have retracted the claim that the Bohrn Mena couple are personally enriching themselves through a non-profit foundation they founded and run and are acting “like the mafia”.

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Lena Schilling stressed that she had “never made public” the incriminating allegations. As far as the alleged assaults are concerned, she “learned of concerns about them in private and only discussed such suspicions confidentially while maintaining the necessary neutrality and balance,” Schilling’s legal representative stated in a written statement.

Schilling’s statement on the foundation “sufficiently covered”

Regarding the conduct of Bohrn Menas in connection with their foundation, Schilling’s lawyer Windhager states that due to the plaintiffs’ “questionable business practices”, the statement that they were “personally enriching themselves through their work for their non-profit foundation is supported by sufficient factual evidence”. Personally enriching oneself through work in a non-profit organization – in the sense of paid services for this organization – is “neither illegal nor morally frowned upon. Consequently, the lawsuit proves to be unfounded in this regard either”.

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Windhager concludes by saying that Lena Schilling is “not to blame for the debate that is now being held publicly about the facts in question”. Rather, the plaintiffs themselves “enabled and fuelled the public dissemination of the incriminating allegations”.

Bohrn Menas’ legal representative, Peter Zöchbauer, counters that Schilling “has ‘put out into the world’ the untrue, unsubstantiated accusations she herself invented and should have expected that “all further reactions or their further dissemination would be attributed to this”. In this respect, “specifically dangerous action” has been taken for the damage that has occurred since the respective statements were made. The accusations are “completely untrue” and their dissemination “culpable”.

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