What is the best real estate investment in Montevideo?

What is the best real estate investment in Montevideo?
What is the best real estate investment in Montevideo?

In a context where housing prices in Montevideo seems to reach its ceiling, investments in real estate They appear to be a complicated decision, so it is necessary to have all the information when turning towards the Uruguayan real estate sector.

According to the latest report of the Statistics National Institute (INE), the real estate market in Uruguay, specifically in Montevideo, would be near the ceiling in dollar values, the currency used in the real-estate market local. It has been several months since the increases They are modest and even in some months there is no variation.

With this as a premise, the report of INMOVIN (Moebius New Housing Indicators), specifies that the apartment sales offer in Montevideo consists of 59.87% of promoted housing and another 40.13% of premium housing.

As for the average values, the one-room apartments promoted are around $95,277 dollars, the two-room apartments are $124,114 dollars, while the three-room apartments are $169,397 dollars. Meanwhile, the premium one-room apartments are around $112,000 dollars, the two-room apartments are $170,751 dollars, and the three-room apartments are $256,447 dollars.

In that sense, the difference between the values ​​of studio apartments between the two types of homes is $16,000, 15.04% more, while in the values ​​between two-room apartments the difference is $46,457 dollars, 27.04% more. 2. 3%. Meanwhile, the differences increase as the homes get larger, so 3-room apartments have a difference of 33.94%, about $16,873 dollars.

Is it worth buying to rent?

Based on the purchase data, the report establishes the details regarding the rentals within the Uruguayan capital and what the cost effectiveness.

Regarding the averages of rentals, Differentiating the types of apartments, premium or promoted housing, a difference is established between the studio apartments of $144 dollars, the first costs $640 dollars per month while the promoted housing costs $496 dollars.

What refers to the departments For two rooms, those in promoted housing cost a total of $611 dollars, while the premium ones cost $893, providing a difference of $282 dollars. Meanwhile, the values ​​of three-room apartments range between $806 dollars in promoted housing and about $1,176 dollars in premium housing, which results in a difference of $370 dollars.

With these data, the report shows that the profitability of the homes promoted for rent is around 7.54%, in the cases of studio apartments in the neighborhood of Sur-Palermo, while in premium homes the profitability is 8.19% in neighborhoods such as Dive. In total, the average profitability in Montevideo is around 6.2%.

Source: Ambito

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