“We cannot do without the potential of women”

“We cannot do without the potential of women”
“We cannot do without the potential of women”

from left: Lisa Berndorfer-Lechner, Sabine Lenzbauer, Martina Schwarz

Know what you want and fight for it”: This was the motto of the summer night of female entrepreneurs, which took place this week in the new House of Business in Linz and was attended by more than 400 female entrepreneurs. “The only thing that will move us forward in the long term is change,” said Martina Schwarz, who runs the software company CAD+T with her brother, at the discussion. It’s about getting a little better every day and living up to the responsibility you have towards the team. Lisa Berndorfer-Lechner, founder of Hoppstar GmbH, which specializes in children’s cameras, emphasized the value of innovation. Because she couldn’t find a suitable gift in the form of a camera for her godchild, she founded her own company: “It’s important to go the extra mile every day and show a willingness to perform.”

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The Innviertel-based aircraft supplier FACC launched the women’s network “Wings for Women” last year: “We have a female quota of 35 percent in the company, but this is getting thinner as we move up,” says network president Sabine Lenzbauer, who will be the first woman to move to the level below the board as overall purchasing manager in 2023: “Not all women have to lead, but it’s about empowering them, promoting them personally, giving them self-confidence and providing financial security. We cannot do without their potential.”

At the Summer Night, a female entrepreneur is traditionally honored: This year it was Marlene Schatzdorfer, who will soon take over the Zipfer metalworking company Schatzdorfer Gerätebau from her mother Gertrude.

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