Let’s not look away

Let’s not look away
Let’s not look away

The Supreme Pontiff asked to “facilitate the integration processes” for refugees. Furthermore, in an audience in St. Peter’s Square, he said that “let us not forget the dramas of him.”

Within the framework of World Refugee Dayhe Pope Francisco spoke at a general audience held in the Plaza de Saint Peter and asked for one of the groups most affected by the different crises in the world. Through his X account (formerly Twitter) he repeated the request and maintained that “let us not deny the humanity that unites us.”

In his message, the Supreme Pontiff called on States to “work to guarantee humane conditions for refugees and to facilitate integration processes“.

Pope Francis’ request for World Refugee Day

During the general audience, the Supreme Pontiff asked that the day of tribute “be an occasion to direct an attentive and fraternal gaze to all those who are forced to flee their homes, in search of peace and security.” Furthermore, he noted that “We are all called to welcome, promote, accompany and integrate those who knock on our doors“.

In his account of Dad wrote a message for the day that is celebrated every June 20 and expressed: “The faces, the eyes of the refugees They ask us not to look the other waythat we do not deny the humanity that unites us, that we make their stories our own and let’s not forget their dramas“.

Pope Francisco

One in 69 people or 1.5% of the global population is displaced.

One in 69 people or 1.5% of the global population is displaced.


The truth is that the number of refugees and other people in need of international protection amounted to 43.2 millionAccording to the latest report of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

Pope Francis asked to include the poor and young people in the world of work

Pope Francis met with CEOs, executives and bankers from around the world, and asked them to include ”the poor in companies. ”We have not yet learned, allow me the expression, to ‘recycle’ and don’t discard peopleto workers, especially the most fragile, for whom the culture of throwaway often prevails,” the pope noted.

Then, he continued making a comparison with the life of Jesus, referring to second chances: ”A world in which the discarded can become protagonists of change. But it seems to me that this was already done by a certain Jesus, right?”

Finally, he assured that “no job is learned without ‘company hospitality’, which means generously welcome young people even if they do not have the required experience and skillsbecause all work is only learned by working.

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