63% of the agricultural area was surveyed

63% of the agricultural area was surveyed
63% of the agricultural area was surveyed

The government and the National Institute of Statistics (INE) They managed to survey 63% of the agricultural area for the Agricultural Census 2024. However, they insisted on the importance of even more producers participating since it is essential for the application of public policies in the sector.

During a press conference held by the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP), They presented the progress of the agricultural census and requested more support from the sector.

Present at the conference were the MGAP minister, Fernando Mattosthe Undersecretary of the Ministry, Juan Buffathe Director of the National Institute of Statistics, Diego Aboal and the Director of the Agricultural Statistics Office, Pablo Couto.

The leaders announced that they managed to survey 60% of the agricultural territory and that they chose to reinforce the census with the incorporation of 50 more collaborators, so it is expected that these additional efforts will allow reaching more than 80% of territorial coverage, providing representative data and precise.

More agility and greater participation

There, they thanked the participation of the producers and producers, although they stressed that there is still much to be revealed. “The support of all agricultural producers is essential,” said Couto, who commented that a total of 28,466 interviews were carried out throughout the year. Uruguay.

In that sense, the director of statistics assured that progress was made in a reduced form to be able to speed up the process, but that producers need to have certain numbers of administrative records on hand, such as exploitation registers and farm numbers. Dicose, to facilitate and speed up the interview.

“We ask producers to come and call 0800 1908 or go to the ine.gub.uy page to complete the census as soon as possible,” Couto commented.

For his part, the director of the INE, He stressed the importance of collaboration between producers, especially in the south of the country, where progress has been slower, which is why he encouraged producers to arrange a meeting through the official census page or by calling the number designated for it.

Data necessary for public policies

Meanwhile, the head of the livestock portfolio insisted on the importance of the census for the agricultural sector when making decisions and formulating public policies that favor it.

“This survey strengthens the institutions and provides data that the producers themselves can use to make informed decisions,” he remarked and recalled that participation in the census is an international obligation and that the country has assumed this commitment.

On the other hand, Mattos warned of possible frauds that take advantage of the means used for the census, which is why he called on producers to pay special attention and verify the identity of the census takers through the official INE website or through the number telephone.

“It is vital that producers understand the importance of this census and collaborate to achieve complete coverage,” he concluded.

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