Orsi assured that with Cosse the FA wins the same and Ojeda called not to fight between the Colorados

Orsi assured that with Cosse the FA wins the same and Ojeda called not to fight between the Colorados
Orsi assured that with Cosse the FA wins the same and Ojeda called not to fight between the Colorados

It’s just a little over a week until internal elections in Uruguay, and while the campaigns of the different political spaces begin to close, some pre-candidates take the opportunity to join ranks in their parties, already thinking about the October elections. In that sense, Yamandu Orsi, He distanced himself from the sayings of Jose Mujica and Lucia Topolansky when considering that with Carolina Cosse as the sole candidate Wide Front win the same”; while Andres Ojeda He called the Colorado Party to stop fighting “for the three votes we have left.”

This year’s elections have a particular flavor: in the main parties, there do not seem to be major disputes between the pre-candidates within each political space, while the most significant intersections occurred between forces. However, a few episodes stood out on this neutral ground.

One of them was the constant back and forth between Mujica and Topolansky, leaders of the Popular Participation Movement (MPP), the space that promotes Orsi’s pre-candidacy; with Cosse, his main opponent for leading the Frente Amplista list in October. According to the historical leaders, the mayor of Montevideo in license use would not be the ideal alternative for the Wide Front return to the government due to his limited presence in the interior departments.

In an interview with the streaming program Al Weso, the former mayor of cannelloni He distanced himself from his references and maintained that “the Wide Front win anyway”, even with Cosse as the sole candidate. “He Wide Front It is clear that everything has to go together and we are going to line up behind anyone. Furthermore, we both decided that we are both going to be (in the presidential formula), “he expressed in this regard.

“It’s not that it matters the same, we have different profiles, but those who win or lose elections are the parties,” he said, ensuring that “at Wide Front I see it well.”

Regarding the vote in the interior, Orsi said that the left coalition lost the government because its electoral flow had decreased both in those departments and in the metropolitan area. “Apart from the vote in the territory It is very ductile. They vote for you in October, they don’t vote for you in May (in departmental elections), or vice versa, they vote for you in May and they don’t vote for you in October. “People divide their membership based on the specific interests they have,” he noted.

In any case, he acknowledged that “the urban progressivism always had problems connecting with the most distant territory” and “the way for the left to win the election again is to look for the links to reconcile those worlds.”

Ojeda’s appeal

For his part, the candidate for Colorado Party who leads the voting intention polls, Andrés Ojeda, He maintained that the leaders of his party must avoid fights among themselves and focus on “growing the electorate to beat the Broad Front”.

“I have decided not to fight with my party colleagues because I understand that the path to growth is in unit”, He indicated, in that sense, and elaborated: “We cannot go around fighting among ourselves all the time for the three votes we have left. Someone has to work to grow and I think this group understood it very well.”

“I see that the whites are at their best, that they are giving everything they can give, that the only ones who make the difference are us. I think today that is the reason why we receive constant attacks from Fernando Pereira: “He hits us because he is afraid that we will make him lose,” he said, insisting on the importance of being the party that makes the difference in the elections so that the government coalition achieves re-election.

“I am going to leave my soul so that the soul never returns.” Broad Front”, he added.

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