two dead and several injured in the accident

two dead and several injured in the accident
two dead and several injured in the accident

The injured passengers were rushed to nearby health centers. Local police are investigating the causes of the incident.

A train being tested without passengers State Railway Company (EFE) of Chile collided with a freight train operated by the private railway company Fepasa, causing the death of two people and leaving nine injured.

The accident, the causes of which are being investigated by Carabineros police units, occurred shortly after midnight on the main railway line in the San Bernardo areaon the outskirts of the Chilean capital, towards the south.

The eight-car Fepasa train was loaded with 1,346 tons of copper, according to local media. The company reported in a statement that the railway came from the Rancagua area, about 90 kilometers from Santiago.

For its part, the state company shared the following statement: “We regret to report the death of two freight train workers.” The deceased are two crew workers, while the injured, who were taken to care centers, were traveling on the train being tested.

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Train crash: investigation is underway

The prosecutor for the area, Pedro Aravena, told the press that according to the first information, the incident “occurred because the train that was hit, the freight train, was coming from south to north with cargo and the plant was not warned that this freight train was coming towards the North”. He also assured that “the reasons why he did not receive said warning are unknown.”

So far there are two detainees, both EFE officials, according to the prosecutor’s office. He Ministry of Transport told the Reuters news agency that investigation into the incident is ongoingbut that the passenger train has a black box that must be obtained to access more information and that the GPS was operational.

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