Budget 2024: Green light in Schärding

Budget 2024: Green light in Schärding
Budget 2024: Green light in Schärding

This year, the town of Schärding is in financial hardship compensation for the second time in a row.

It took a long time, but now the green light was given for the 2024 budget at the municipal council meeting last Tuesday in Schärding. As reported, the city – like many other municipalities in Upper Austria – is in hardship compensation for the second year in a row. This means that the financial budget can no longer be covered by its own resources and requires financial support from the state. According to Mayor Günter Streicher (SP), ongoing business operations can be maintained this year as well, and educational offerings such as the city library or the operation of the city pool are secured. In addition, the budget also includes major investments such as the greening of the inner city, the renovation of the elementary school (cost: eight million euros) or the renovation of the Seilergrabengrücke. In addition, the district capital wants to continue to push for the expansion of photovoltaic systems and other renewable energies.

“Finally find a solution”

In the second year as a hardship compensation municipality, efforts are being made to create the best possible framework conditions. This was also achieved as a result of “very well-conducted discussions with the state,” says Streicher. “However, as has already been demanded in many dialogues, the state and federal government must finally provide the municipalities with relief,” says the mayor of Schärding.

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