The government wants more power for the military to combat smuggling and drug trafficking

The government wants more power for the military to combat smuggling and drug trafficking
The government wants more power for the military to combat smuggling and drug trafficking

The Minister of National Defense, Armando Castaingdebat, announced that the government seeks to reform the border law to expand the “powers” ​​of the military to combat the smuggling and the drug trafficking in the limits of Uruguay. One of them would be to be able to carry out “random” checks on vehicles entering from another country, an idea that would be presented this year.

Smuggling and drug trafficking are two major problems that, due to their particularities, affect Uruguay. To combat them, different alternatives have been proposed and debated, many of which have remained nothing more than controversy or in the campaign platform of some pre-candidates.

In this context, Minister Castaingdebat explained that, “in the course of the year”, the government will present a project to modify the border lawso that the military can carry out controls “random” of trucks.

Currently, the army “can control to the extent that they see a suspicious vehicle,” said Castaingdebat on the program Who’s Who on Diamante FM and Channel 5. “We are going to randomly stop 10 trucks in a row, we are going to check it (with military ) to see what happens, how can the Police”, He explained what the authorities have in mind.

The reform contemplates “some other details” in addition to border control, he said. As well as the need to be accompanied by radar leasing and purchase at least three fighter jets.

“There has to be a technological advance regarding radars,” said the head of the Defense portfolio, since “Uruguay “It lacks radars and the mode of drug trafficking is air transport.”

“I would like to have started the process on March 1, assuring you that the Air Force have three or four more planes to take us to guard the border,” Castaingdebat added.

The militarization of the streets, a campaign debate

Another issue that has involved the military is the possibility of them carrying out patrols or having a more active role in the streets, to combat the advance of drug trafficking and organized crime. The idea was put on the table in the campaign debate by the National Party candidate Jorge Gandini, but it was not well received by other sectors.

Even the leader of Cabildo Abierto, Guido Manini Ríos, pointed out that the proposal to remove the military to the street to help the Police in public security tasks is “inappropriate.” “The Armed Forces (FFAA) “They have preparation, they have a constitutional and legal mandate, and they have their weapons and their way of operating, that cannot be lost sight of.”

“Those who talk about taking the Armed Forces to the streets must first be clear that they have to assume responsibility, lest later by acting as the Armed Forces act, they end up in some unwanted incident and a soldier ends up paying with his freedom.” , launched controversial senator lobbyist and former head of the Army.

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