Real estate prices rose 2.41%

Real estate prices rose 2.41%
Real estate prices rose 2.41%

The median property values ​​increased and sales registrations increased even more, according to INE data.

The prices of the estate showed a positive monthly variation of 2.41% in March, so that the median of the values ​​in the real-estate market of Uruguay was 85,000 dollars, according to the latest survey of the INE.

The newsletter about Real Estate Activity Indicators (IAI) reflected that the properties They reached a peak that they had not reached since September of last year and also grew by 0.7% in the last quarter, from the $84,413.28 at the end of 2023.

There was also an increase in the number of purchase and sale registrations, which takes into account data from April, the month in which the INE surveyed a total of 4,340, which represents a monthly increase of 29.36%, which reaches 49.24%.

Of the total purchase and sale registrations, which accounted for 67.49% of the total transactions, 36.24% belong to Montevideo, 19.64% to Maldonado, 13.74% are from Cannelloni. Further back they appear Rocha with 4.41% and Cologne with 4.23%.

The value of properties in Montevideo

Meanwhile, a monthly increase was evident in the median price of purchase and sale registrations for Montevideo which reached 4.55%, where the values ​​seemed to be close to their ceiling, while there was no variation in the interior of the country.

It is worth highlighting that Uruguay It is an interesting square in the real-estate market due to factors such as legal security and economic stability, which allows attracting investors from neighboring countries such as Argentina and the rest of the world.

However, real estate operators consulted by Ambit Weeks ago they warned that “entering the market today is expensive,” so the sector could be reaching a ceiling. In this sense, the evolution of the inflation and of dollar in the local exchange market, in a race where the US currency would close the year below again.

Source: Ambito

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