After storms in Tyrol: water levels are falling

After storms in Tyrol: water levels are falling
After storms in Tyrol: water levels are falling

The current heavy snow melt and forecast heavy rainfall have led those responsible in Tyrol to warn of increased water levels in the Inn and its tributaries.

A state spokesman told APA that the night had been “relatively uneventful.” 88 fire service operations were recorded. The situation is now being monitored further, and in particular the forecast from Geosphere Austria is being awaited regarding the feared new storm front during the night.

The Tyrol control center also told APA that the night had been “more or less mild.” Around half of the fire service operations took place in Innsbruck and the Innsbruck-Land district. These included flooded cellars and underpasses. There were also a few trees lying on the street. However, some of the operations were also due to flood checks. A total of 51 fire services were involved in the 88 operations.

Hail in Innsbruck

The state capital Innsbruck, which had been alarmed beforehand, was also affected by storms with hail. According to the data on the website of the state’s hydrographic service, the water level of the Inn near Innsbruck rose significantly during the night, but remained below the mark of a 30-year flood. It had been announced beforehand that the prepared flood protection measures would be used if this mark was exceeded. As of Saturday morning, the water levels had already fallen again.

According to the police, a storm with heavy rain and strong gusts of wind in East Tyrol in the Sillian area and in the Villgratental caused trees to fall onto the Villgratental road (L273), and rocks also slid. The fire brigade searched the area for possible vehicles involved, but gave the all-clear. The state road was temporarily closed and a diversion was set up.

South Tyrol was also affected by a storm front. According to the Internet platform “stol.it”, the fire brigades were called out to more than 200 operations. These included removing fallen trees and broken branches from roads and securing loose components or other dangerous objects. Here, too, cellars and garages were flooded. The clean-up work continued overnight.

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